By: Samantha Shea

Russias Climate

Russia has major permafrost. Permafrost is when the ground under land freezes over. While some parts are freezing over some part of Russia are very hot. They can reach a high pf 110 degrees fahrenheit. In the wonders it can be cold and dark fro almost a month out of 1 year. In the tundra only small plants can grow. The tundra is in Siberia and central Russia. A Taiga is a small forest area. Small evergreen trees grow here.

Historical Events


Chernobyl was a man made accident that happened when the people conducting the experiment, shut off all the things that would have prevented this accident. This radioactive disaster spread accrosed Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. The fascinating thing about this disaster is that the atoms have half lives. What this means is that once the atom has run out of time, half of them die while half stay alive and well radioactive. The radioactive disaster contaminated many cities, most of them still have radioactive particles in them. They could have prevented all the people from being contaminated by immediately evacuating the cities, bit instead they left them for 3 days in the contaminated city. The effects of getting this radioactive stuff in you for children is like major birth defects.

Trans-Siberian Railroad (vocab word)

This railroad is the #1 longest railway in the world. It spans 6000 feet. One of the biggest challenge is the gauge. The gauge is the width of the tracks.To build this terrian railroad they had to enlisted soliders and people in jail to work on it. The climate and terrains of the land is also a struggle for the train. The people started the construction in 1861.

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