Apollo 11

By: Maggie Laws

Background Information

July 20, 1969 marks a significant day in aerospace history. Not only for the United States-- who put men on the moon that day-- but also for the entire human race. Or as Neil Armstrong put it "One small step for man, one giant leap for man kind." The Apollo 11 spacecraft-- holding Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin-- returned to earth a little over a week later on July 24th. It is widely accepted that this was the first time that man stepped on the moon, however, following suit with every other major historical event of the sixties there are rumors of government conspiracy.

How the Media Presented it

The media, which obviously has a lot of impact on how news is viewed, presented the moon landing as the biggest scientific event in history. It was the moment America defeated Russia in the space race to most people. Americans viewed CBS, ABC and NBC broadcasting every hour from the launch to the first steps on the moon. Walter Cronkite, who was famous for his dedication to space advances, broadcast the event in such a way that he was later refered to as "the fourth astronaut." It was a light moment in a decade of hate and destruction. Media was sure to play up the happiness of this moment of world success even if it really had no direct positive impact on the quality of the world.
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Criticisms of the Moon Landing

There is a strong sense of historical criticism when viewing the moon landing. Historically there is tension between the US and USSR-- who were competing to put a man on the moon. This is why there is belief that the government fabricated a video to take away from the horrible things that were happening in the sixties and to show that America was better than Russia. Furthermore, showing that the free world is better than communism.


I believe there is a bias from the American people who were itching to show up the Russians in anyway possible. During the Cold War America believed itself to have the responsibility to stop communism around the world. The heart of the communism was the Soviet government who preyed on weak economies all over the world. They were the evil beings of the time, so no self-respecting American was going to let them make history without a fight. They had already sent the first man to space, which just made them that much closer to winning. Regardless of any lighting mishaps Americans would support the idea that they had acheived their goal simply because of pride if nothing else.
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