Biotechnology Foundations

Join the fun!

Things we do

  • Tons of labs
  • Hands on activities
  • Field trips
  • Examine Biotechnology's role in medicine
  • Explore Bioprocessing
  • Explore Biochemistry
  • Investigate Genetic Engineering
  • Investigating Forensics
  • Applying Biotechnology to the environment

Reasons to take this class

If you are interested in getting a career in the medical field, law enforcement or environmental science, this is the perfect class for you! This class is also a DE connected with JMU!

Guaranteed to be a fun learning experience

More about Biotechnology Foundations

This class involves lots of hands on activities. If you choose to be apart of this class, you will do a lot of labs and take fun field trips. This course focuses on various techniques that are used to modify living organisms, to improve plants and animals, and the development of microorganisms for specific purposes. You will gain insight and understanding of biotechnology career fields.