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Ms. Yannarelly's Third Grade Classroom Newsletter 9-16-16

Mark Your Calendar!

Sept. 23 - Spirit Wear

Sept. 30 - Warner Nature Center visits SCPA

Oct. 3 - Picture Day

(Oct. 4th - Ms. Yannarelly & Ms. Staso - WNC)

Oct. 5 - Warner Nature Center Field Trip

Oct. 19 - Marathon Day & Spirit Wear

Oct. 20-25 - No School

Oct. 31 - Halloween Party

Whats's new in class!

We had another great week in third grade! I am so proud of the students and how hard everyone has been working. We have almost "filled the bucket" for doing so many wonderful things as a class. Next week, we will have our first seminar about friendship and forgiveness using the story Amos and Boris.

We will also be setting goals in the next two weeks regarding academics, character, and behavior. Feel free to chat with your child about things that they would like to work on in third grade to prepare them for goal setting.

Peek at the Week

Language Arts

We are continuing with our Imagine It reading unit on friendship. This week we read a Greek myth called The Legend of Damon and Pythias. Students have been continuing to build their reading and writing stamina as they are getting ready for guided reading centers. We have started working in our grammar book reviewing the types of sentences, diagramming sentences, subjects, predicates, and run-on sentences. We have also continued writing friendly letters to each other. Next week, we will read a story called Goodbye 382 Shin Dang Dong. We will focus on making connections, predicting, and author's purpose.


Students have enjoyed learning all about rivers around the world and their importance to humans and animals. Students did a great job reading and exploring their first history chapter of third grade. We worked on our study guides in class today as well as sent a copy home. We'll be reviewing on Monday and taking the World Rivers test next Tuesday, September 20th!


Math classes are up and running. On Monday, a letter went home regarding math homework. Please email your teacher if you have any questions about math.

Ask your child

What are some facts you have learned about world rivers?

Are you studying for your test on Tuesday?

What are some academic, behavior, and character goals you might like to set this year?

How are you showing respect at school and at home?

Spelling City

Click on the link to go to the 3rd grade SCPA spelling list. Use this to study each week. The unit and lesson numbers are on the list stapled in your child's binder.

Lower School General Information Website

Please find any forms, calendars, background check forms, spirit wear days, etc on this webpage.

Field Trip to Warner Nature Center

Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 9:30am-2:45pm

15375 Norell Avenue North

Marine on Saint Croix, MN


October 4th– Ms. Yannarelly and Ms. Staso

October 5th –Mrs. Donnay

Payment: Please pay online or send cash/check to school starting next week.

Description of the event: The focus of our field trip to Warner Nature Center will be learning about fall birds and wetland ecology.

Clothing/Lunch: Students should wear non-uniform clothing and bring a bag lunch.

Chaperones: I have already confirmed with you if you inquired about being a class chaperone. Thank you for all the volunteers!