Danielle Deo

All About Ivy

Ivy Breedlove is sixteen years old, and loves to learn about her family's history. Also Ivy is very interested in interviewing people. She is very family oriented, and loves to be with her Aunt Tib. Aunt Tib, is very supportive towards Ivy and helps her make important decisions throughout the story. Her family has a saying,“use fear don’t let it use you,” (149). This quote sticks in her mind throughout the whole story. Especially on her quest to find Aunt Jo in Backwater because, that took a lot out of Ivy to be able to climb mountains and survive in the wilderness with Mama

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Mountain Impact

When Ivy was conquering the mountains so, she would be able to interview Aunt Jo. Her biggest weakness was being able to trust herself to do something without help. When she gets to Backwater and goes through a lot of pain from hiking for a very long time. Ivy realizes, “sometimes our biggest weakness becomes our biggest strengths,” (139). This quote shows that Ivy has more self-confidence and she is stronger than she thinks. Because of going up the mountains and dealing with snow it all made her stronger. Now she will be able to do anything she wants.

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Birds Impact

While Ivy was visiting Backwater she found out that she can do anything with patients. The birds that live with Aunt Josephine are very nice to her but; they don’t know Ivy so they don’t trust her yet. The birds gave her the trait of patients, they gave this trait to her when Ivy was trying to feed them from her hand, “ The bird rose fluttered its wings, swooped down towards me,”(119).This quote shows that she was very patient waiting for the bird to come and eat out of her hand. Ivy also believes patient is key when interviewing people.

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Icy Lake Impact

The lake was very important to Ivy because she saved Aunt Jo from when the tree fell onto her leg. The lake helped because she could easily sled Jo across and get her to safety, unfortunately for them the lake was not frozen enough and it kept cracking by them. It was up to Ivy is she would be able to save herself and Josephine. When she was crawling across she had to get up to land, “and it was strength of character that got me up, it was fear,” (161). This quote also connects to Ivy because she is very strong and she has a lot of character .Ivy luckily made it through the lake with the help of Malachi,Aunt Josephine's pet wolf, guiding them along the thicker parts of the ice. After Ivy finished she was brave and had a special feeling that she saved Aunt Jo.

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