Mia B

Three Reasons Why You Should Read Nanberry

I heard there is an interesting and historical novel thats going around! Well, its "Nanberry", a true story about a Cadigal boy that was stranded between two different worlds.Here are the reasons why you should definitely read it.

To start with, I think you should Nanberry because of its interesting, captivating and intriguging information about Australia, NSW. Also, the style of this book is largely non-fictional and historical.

Another reason why you must read this novel is that there is a lot of events like seeing the First Fleet, British Contact and watching canoes and tall ships come over. It also has some deadly diseases named like small pox, typhoid, gas gangrene and more.

There are lots of characters like Surgeon White (Nanberrys adoptive Father), Andrew (Nanberrys foster Brother) and Rachel (adoptive Mother).There are more characters in the book as you read on.

so these are my three persuasive reasons on why you should read the inspiring novel, Nanberry.

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