Political Punditry Writing Group

New Jim Crow Topic : Op-Ed Genre : Tuesday January 20, 6 PM


3rd Tuesday's @ 6pm ***** Our next meeting date is Tuesday January 20th, 6:00 PM, at the Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice (2013 East Genesee St, Syracuse, NY). Our topic will be the New Jim Crow. Our genre/technique will be long-form Op-Ed (Opinion Editorial), expanding our practice from the short-form Letter to the Editor genre last month.

[1] Read the summary guide at http://syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/op_ed_readings

[2] Identify the publication to submit and learn the requirements (such as word length).

[3] Write op-ed of 600 words max, or the required length of your chosen publication.

[4] Bring 10 copies with you to the meeting to share.


  • Building participants knowledge of topics related to issues and movements of interest.

  • Practicing your writing, reading, and research skills including, but not limited to, concepts such as "operationalized terms", "logical fallacies", "persuasive prose" and "virtue of belief", and "substantiation by empirical evidence".

  • Practicing the sharing of messages verbally in front of others in the group, towards developing comfort of public speaking skills and potential candidacy.

  • Learning about the construction and styles of different writing forms.