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Taneyah Banks

Elizabeth Van Lew

Elizabeth Van Lew was born on October 25th, 1818 in Richmond, Virginia. Lew served for the Union by aiding imprisoned soldiers that was located in Richmond, Virginia. Elizabeth was known as one of the effective spies for the Union. While being a spy she lived with her mother in a mansion in the Confederate capital. For the total of 4 years of being a spy, her neighbors and the people around her would discuss things about Confederates and Lew would secretly focused on the Union and helped them with any information they needed. When Lew first wanted to help the Union, she wanted to be a nurse for the prisoners that were put in the Confederate prison from the Union side but she was denied by the Lieutenant David H. Todd. Being that Lew was a spy for the Union if anyone was to find out about her participating in any take of the Union being that she is on the side with the Confederate, she would lose her family fortune and her spot as the Richmond's elites. Elizabeth Van Lew spent her last days living in her mansion with 40 of her cats and then later died on September 25th, 1900 by the cause heart failure.
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