Come to Delaware

The First state!


Delaware has been settled for an easier way to transport goods. There are many farmers and merchants that work here in the rich farmlands of soil. Come for freedom of religion. The farmers grow crops such as, wheat, corn, and rye. Delaware was established for an easier way to transport goods. It was founded by William Penn.


In Delaware many students are very educated. If you're a parent, then your kids won't be around to bug you because they will be at school which is giving you time to work and rest.


Being so close to the Atlantic Ocean is an advantage because there is an easier way to trade goods with places across the Atlantic Ocean. Delaware is located in the middle colony, which is known for lots of farmland and fresh crops.


Many resources are found in Delaware, such as tobacco seeds these seeds are planted in the spring and weeded during the summer. No one could get any tobacco in the spring that is why summer is a popular season for crops and resources. And some of the products we have are, peas, beans, beets, potatoes, turnips, apples, pears, peaches, huckleberries and many more.


The government in Delaware was established by more people coming and establishing their own communities. Important documents were associated with this colony, such as the confederation and perpetual union, and the U.S Constitution.


In Delaware, you can practice what ever religion you please. The earliest permanent European settlers were Swedish and Finnish Lutherans and Dutch Calvinists.