Link and Learn Friday

November 10 2017

Link and Learn Friday is a weekly newsletter curated to inspire educators on the many ways that technology can enhance your classrooms and student experience with a little bit of fun thrown in, we hope you enjoy it and find something useful!


NearPod - I featured Nearpod previously as one of my favorite classroom tools, but they've updated some of the content available to create interactive lessons that the students LOVE! Specifically the collaboration board, students respond to a prompt or question by posting their own ideas (bonus-you can block responses until you approve!) once posted in sticky note format on the board, students can 'like' posts by clicking on the heart icon.

Creating your own nearpods is easier than powerpoint, but If you're not ready to create your own there are many free options.

Sign up here:


Tiny Cards - A really clean easy to use flash card app. The best part is you can create the cards on your computer and have them available to students on a tablet or ipad. Use them for dual language practice, spelling, vocabulary or even learning the alphabet. A great way to create an independent resource for students.

Get the free app here:

Website here:

Just for Fun

Target Teachers - This instagram feed is FABulous! Teachers contributing their awesome finds at Target. So many great items, the only problem may be trying to find them in your local store. Follow them on Instagram and good luck hunting down these treasures!