Fifth Grade News

From the Desk of Mr. Ceresa

Hello, Parents!

The year is underway, the students are getting their routines down, and it is time for newsletters to begin.

A newsletter is an integral part of my school-to-home communications philosophy. I have always welcomed the opportunity to communicate with parents. I prefer personal communication, but realistically, that is not always possible. Therefore, one of the most practical means of communicating is by newsletter.

With few exceptions, a newsletter will be sent out regularly informing you of what your child is learning in class as well as highlighting upcoming events in the classroom or around school. The format of the letter will be like what you see below.

Cell Phones at School

Per district policy, the possession and use of cell phones and other electronic devices must be kept out of sight and in an inconspicuous location, such as a backpack, purse, or locker. They must be turned off during the regular school day. They may not be used in any manner that will cause disruption to the educational environment or will otherwise violate student conduct rules.

Also, did you know that state law prohibits use of a cell phone within a school zone? Both hand-held and hands-free cell phones are prohibited while driving in a school zone. Also, all Illinois drivers are prohibited from texting while driving. Let us please work to make our children safe.


As an ongoing effort to incorporate technology into my classroom, I actively maintain my classroom website. There are numerous advantages to having a classroom website. The first advantage is that the site helps to organize my classroom by offering a place for me to post announcements, information, and assignments.

Another advantage of my website is that it serves as a form of insurance. For example, students may claim that they lost the instructions for an assignment, or better yet, lost the assignment. With assignments available online, there should be little to no excuse for a student to claim ignorance or misfortune. Conversely, my classroom website allows students some insurance as well, should they lose an important document or miss an announcement given in class.

Please take a look at my website!


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