Insurance Fraud

Car Accident Gone Wrong...

Father crushes son with truck for insurance

There is a reason as to why Karl Karlsen is on the 2013 Hall of Shame.

1.He killed his son for a little more than 700k. Karl was quite the clever man, he planned it all out he bought the insurance 17 days before it happened.

2.The insurer had scheduled a medical exam for just 17 days before Karlsen killed Levi. 3. Karl wanted his son Levi to Work on his 5,000 pound car that was attached wobbly jack in the families barn.

4. Even the police thought Karlsen kill Levi but there was no evidence saying he did at the time, but later Karl confessed to doing it to his wife.

5. The Police then wire tapped Karl's wife to get him confessing on tape. Then once they got him to say it they arrested him.

6.Since Karlsens alibi didn't match up the easily convicted him of killing his son for insurance fraud.

The AfterMath

The death of Levi traumatized the whole family leaving them forever changed. The littlest daughter only eight years of age has suffered many intense nightmares that have forced her from her bed to seek comfort. This is why ladies and gentlemen Insurance Fraud is a very serious thing it can effect the lives of anyone around you just like the family members of Levi.