LV Technology

by Ben Gschwind

Typing Web

In this unit, we used an online typing course to improve typing skills. To get a three, you had to get about three-fourths though the Intermediate level. If you got a four, you would have to complete Intermediate and start Advanced. As a reward, other than getting a four, you get a picture taken of you that is put on a display wall. There are a LOT of people up there, so much that I can't even find my own face!

Career Locker

Here, we worked on what we want to be when we grow up (hence the name). Along the way, we took a few quizzes that would determine if our dream job would fit. I wasn't too big of a fan at first, but I got used to it.

This is a cool website where you can control various characters with blocks of coding. Some character examples are: Red (from Angry Birds) a farmer, a zombie (from Plants vs Zombies), an artist, a zombie artist, and Steve. Its a pretty good brain workout, and if you're bored, i recommend you try it.

Haiku Deck

This unit was paired with Career Locker. In this unit, we made a presentation about our dream job using information from Career Locker. I know the name is an word in Japanese, but I have no idea what word.

Explain Everything

In this unit, we got a math problem and solved it. In a presentation, we had to explain the problem in words and give the answer. Like Career Locker, I wasn't a big fan at first but I got used to it.


This is a feature of iMovie. It's like iMovie to the point where you can put video and pictures in, but that's about where the similarities end. The videos (and picture effects) are a set amount of time, and you have a set frame that you have to work in. I did one on my cat and a robotic dog, and my family loved it. That's the main reason why I like this program.


This is the last thing we did in the Tech semester. It is a fun-to use presentation program where you can insert pictures, text and more to create a flyer...

Wait a minute...