Rhino Report

February 2022

Important Dates:

  • Feb. 2 Global Day of Play

  • Feb. 9 Parent teacher conferences

  • Feb 10 No School & Parent teacher conferences

  • Feb. 11 No School

  • Feb. 21st No School

  • Feb. 23 90 min late start

Kindergarten- Mrs. Slattery, Mrs. Del Real, Mrs. Vigil, Mrs. Blackburn

Math Update

  • This unit, we will be adding and subtracting within 10 by using objects, drawings, and fingers.

  • Key vocabulary words include: take away, part, whole, equal, addition, subtraction, number bond, how many in all.

What are some other words for subtraction? (Take away, take apart, minus, whole-part=part)

What are some other words for addition? (Plus, put together, part+part=whole)

What are some strategies to solve equations? (Draw a picture, cross out objects, draw a number bond, use my fingers, use a number line)

Create adding and subtracting word problems or simple equations (with or without drawings) to practice.

ELA Update

This month, please focus on retelling a story including key details. Work on identifying character, setting, and major events of a story. Work on identifying beginning & middle sounds of words.

Examples include:

Dog begins with /d/

Middle sound is /o/

Please continue to practice sight words at home.

(Unit 4 words)

Sight words: are, that, do, one, two, three, four, five, here, go, from

Quarterly Reading Goal

Continue reading together at home to help your child meet their reading goal.

1st Grade- Miss Theis, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Burkhart, Mrs. Veeder, Ms. Tabor, Mrs. Huck

Math Update

  • Place Value-add/subtract multiples of 10
  • Place Value-add/subtract within 40
  • Use tape diagrams to solve word problems
  • Place Value-add two-digit numbers

ELA Update

  • Compare informational texts
  • Writing explanatory stories- understanding how details give more information

Quarterly Reading Goal

Read two books this month.

2nd Grade- Mrs. VanArsdale, Mrs. Hessman, Mrs. Towry, Ms. Montes

Math Update
  • Module 6-Arrays (foundation of multiplication/division)

  • Continue working on mental math facts.
  • Review what a column and a row is. What is an equal group?

ELA Update

  • ELA focus: Students will be working on describing story structure, and compare and contrast.
  • Writing- informational text- which includes: using facts and definitions to explain a topic.
  • Phonics- er,est, le, oo, u

Reading Goal

February reading goal sent home. Read a minimum of 20 minutes each night. Reading goals due March 1st.

3rd Grade- Mrs. Cook, Miss Cox, Mrs. O'Brien, Mrs. Gutierrez

Math Update

  • Please continue practicing your multiplication facts.
  • We will continue our investigation of fractions.
  • Lily needs ⅓ cup of oil and ¼ cup of water to make muffins. Will Lily use more oil or water?

ELA Update

  • We will create an informative essay in the form of a magazine article about how weather affects people. To help the students with this magazine article, we will be learning about weather patterns worldwide. To help your child at home, talk with them about how weather has impacted you. Look at magazine articles with your child to expand their background knowledge about how magazine articles are written.

Quarterly Reading Goal-

This quarter, students will complete a reading goal that will be communicated to you by your child’s teacher.

4th Grade- Ms. Batman, Miss Wiswell, Mrs. Estrella, Mrs. Hiers, Mrs. Guerrero

Math Update

    • We are still working on our fraction unit. Continue to visit with your children about fractions and using them in real life.

    • Multiplication and division is still important. Continue to have students practice problems including these.

    • This link will help you better understand what your child is learning.


ELA Update

We are working to finish up Unit 2 Module B. It is teaching us to write opinions. Have you asked your child their opinion and reasons for their opinion this month? We have also learned a lot about Native American Culture. Ask your child their favorite facts about each nation.

After we finish Unit 2 we will move to Unit 3 module A. This module will use both fiction and nonfiction text to look into a topic. We will also continue to work on opinion writing. Have your child read both a fiction and nonfiction text that have similar topics. Ask them to compare the two.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • 2 Fiction Chapter book at their level.
  • 1 Nonfiction book

5th Grade- Mrs. Irsik, Miss Bacon, Mrs. Botello, Miss Bradshaw

Math Update

  • Students are working on fraction multiplication and division in Module 4.

  • Students will extend current understanding of fraction operations applying them to volume, area, and perimeter or two and three-dimensional shapes in Module 5.

ELA Update

Within the next month, we will explore science fiction, analyzing the structures, comparing characters and scenes, analyzing vocabulary and figurative language of George’s Secret Key to the Universe. To match the genre of the studied novel, we will also be writing our own science fiction narratives using all the elements of a narrative story. Elements of space will be continued throughout the module across multiple texts.

Quarterly Reading Goal

Students will be expected to complete 20 minutes of daily reading to be recorded in a daily reading log including: the title, summary, and page numbers read. Signed reading logs are due at the end of each week.

Music- Miss Corwin and Mrs. Bennett

Kinder & 1st Grade- While in the car or during dinner, discuss instruments with your little Rhino. What instruments have you played or dreamt of playing?

2nd Grade-5th Grade- While in the car or during dinner, discuss instruments with your little Rhino. What instruments have you played or dreamt of playing?

Physical Education- Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Rogers

Basketball/Bowling Unit

Library- Mrs. Fairbank

Kindergarten- Have your student show you the following book parts: cover, spine, title, author, and illustrator.

1st grade-Have your student show you the following book parts: cover, spine, title, author, and illustrator.

2nd grade- Have your student tell you about their favorite storybook character?

3rd & 4th grade- Want to learn more about a topic? Just research it! Check out World Book Online. Login: usd443 Password: student

5th grade- Want to learn more about a topic? Just research it! Check out World Book Online. Login: usd443 Password: student

Student Support Services- Ms. Alarcon

Hello, Ross Families

In February, we will be focusing on peer relationships. I’ll take this month to teach the importance of maintaining social interactions with other children. My goal is to help give students the tools of many social skills that will help them develop friendships during their childhood. As always feel free to contact me if I can assist your family in any way.


-Ms. Alarcon

School Psychologist- Mrs. Millershaski

I Will Learn To Read But First I Need To……………

Rhyme-I need to recognize sounds that make letters before I can read

Track-I need follow objects with my eyes to read

Look at Books-I need to be interested in words and books to read

Talk-I need an extensive vocabulary to understand what I read

Do Puzzles-I need to differentiate size, shapes, lines and directions to read

Build-I need to use my fingers and hands independently to hold books and turn pages