Personal Reflection

EDEL 250

All About Me

Name: Lindsey Sue Palmer
Age: 20 years old.
Year: Junior
Hometown: Atchison, Kansas.
Transfer student from: University of Oklahoma and
Highland Community College
Major: Elementary Education-Special Education
Most Important to Me: Family, Friends, Relationship, Academics, Music
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Crafting, Singing, Spending time with friends/family, Mudding, Four wheeler riding, Fishing

Lindsey Sue Palmer

Why I am who I am today:

Physical Activity Background

Do you like physical activity?
Yes, I love it actually! Being in college and having availability to a recreational facility for the past two years has been great! I usually need a buddy to go with me for moral support and motivation, but I love running on the treadmill and doing ab work outs! If there were any group fitness I could do every day, it would be Zumba! I haven't always been active, and I'm still not an Olympic star, but since being out of high school, I am definitely more active than before. When I was born, I was diagnosed with a mitral valve prolapse which prevented me from too much physical activity or sport involvement throughout my elementary/secondary years. I think I could have paced myself and managed a low intensity sport, but my dad was a little overprotective. Since being independent in college, I've managed to push myself and build up my heart's strength.

Reasons for activity or inactivity? (bias,gender,ethnicity,SES,exceptionality,geographical area)

I do. I believe that my gender and my socioeconomic status played huge roles in my not being active in sports/physical activities in elementary/secondary school. I think that because I was a girl, my dad always saw me as "fragile" and being his little girl, he did what he thought was right in protecting me. I thank him for not forcing me into activities, because my doctors were right and it could have done more damage than help. I do, however, regret not being involved a little more; not only because I could have been more healthy, but also because it would have helped me form friendships and a stronger sense of teamwork in the long run. When I made the decision my junior year in high school to join my school's dance team, my dad was hesitant, but knew that I was old enough to know my limits and wanted to support my creative, musically talented side. However, finances for the team were a totally different story. Since my dad is disabled, and a single parent, and because I went to a private, Catholic school in a small town, we didn't exactly have a lot of extra spending money in the bank. Cheer camps, summer camps, Spring break trips; all of these things were some of which I gave up in order to save my dad the financial burden. While these things would have been fun, it was always nice having that quality time with him instead. I think that had we had more money to finance these, he would have been more lenient upon my participation, but now that I look back, I'm glad we hadn't. In fact, I'm thankful that he raised me to make my own decisions when I was mature enough to understand my condition and hadn't forced me to participate in activities I wouldn't like.

Interesting Health Topics: Mental, Physical and Nutritionally

When I see these topic options, mental health sticks out the most to me. The reason for this being that if you have a healthy, stable mind-frame and are happy with yourself inside and out (not necessarily 100% all the time, we all have our insecurities), then the motivation and determination for a healthy lifestyle will follow most of the time. However, if your mental state is not at such a level, your physical health and nutritional values may lower as well. Being a college student with depression and anxiety, I have personal experience with both ends of this spectrum. The key to having balance in all areas is in maintaining that mental state!

What do I want to learn in EDEL 250?

I would love to learn how to overcome some of the hindrances to a healthy lifestyle that were discussed in this reflection such as SES, gender, ethnicity, etc. I would also like to take time out to discuss how we can help our students in the future with these hindrances, especially for those that could come from troubled or stressful home lives. I would like to learn how to become healthier inside and out, not only for my personal well-being, but also to serve as a role model to my students.

How will I obtain this knowledge?

First and foremost, my goal is to not miss a single class unless I have an emergency. Also, even though I tend to be quiet the first few classes in a semester, I'm going to challenge myself to speak up and voice my opinions and knowledge. In groups, I'm usually the leader however, and tend to volunteer myself to do more than sufficient amounts of work, but this semester, my plan is to step back and allow someone else to take the lead while still contributing my part. Also, it goes without saying that in being present and open, participation includes assignments and creativity; such as this website instead of a paper. Using all of the resources available to me, (peers, teacher, internet, class notes) my ultimate goal is to receive an A in the course and to actively apply what I learn to my students' lives as well as my own.