Bessie Coleman

A true aviator.

The Facts

Swish! Swish! The planes go through the air as some people are reminded of a familiar person of flight,And who might that be. Bessie Coleman! Bessie or her real name Elizabeth was an average person.Her birth was on the 26th of January 1892 she lived in a small town. Then she died at age 34 on the 30th of April in 1926. She lived in a poor African American family. Bessie was one of 13 kids in the Coleman family. She went to a school ,but was forced to leave to babysit the kids.Although she went back to school at Missionary Baptist church.She shockingly got to college at Langston University in Oklahoma.Sadly she only served a single term due to a shortage in money.
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Big Ideas

If you look at piloting history and you find a great pilot. Think Bessie Coleman! She was the first African American woman to earn a pilots licenses. She showed that skin color or gender didn't matter in piloting. If she wasn't here or didn't do what she did color and gender might still matter in pilotiering.Indeed her are her ideas.
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Inferences- Author and you

When Thinking about Bessie she is a person on the trail of civil rights.Bessie chose to be the first African American woman to fly because while she was a manicurist she read books about World War 1 and as a result she gained an intrest in pilotiering.Her contribution of fame is becoming the first African American woman to fly a plane.Some of her ideas were becoming military pilot, earning a pilot licenses. In the end these are some inferences about Bessie Coleman.


If bessie Coleman just chose a different career what would the world be like then? Without Mrs.Coleman the world might differ since is a civil rights mover and maybe African American woman might not be able to fly a commercail plane.
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1. You've never lived until you've flown.

2.The air is the only place free from prejudice.