The Holocaust

Emily Salgado Academic 2

The Holocaust was a terrible time during WWII. The Holocaust was known for the mass of killing Jews. Six million Jews were killed by a group of people called the Nazi's. The Nazi's also killed five million non-Jewish people bringing the total of the murders up to eleven million. The Nazi's also killed Jews in houses called "gas chambers."

The Holocaust wasn't just the mass of killing of men and women, but also Jewish children. Over one million Jewish children were sent to concentration camps and killed in Auschwitz. Most people and children were killed in gas chambers. Jewish parents were taken away before their children were. After WWII, many Jewish people and children were dead, but very few survived. Many Jewish parents lost their child/children.

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The Holocaust was the most saddest part of WWII. With many people dead, many Jewish family lost other family members, friends, children, and parents. Many people also lost not only lives and family, but also shelter, food, family photos, etc. Few people and children survived this horrible time during WWII. This time is remembered by the few people and children that survived the Holocaust.