Lockdown Lowdown

Friday 12th June 2020

TWO is the magic number

Stay 2 metres away from other people.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds.

The message is clear - stay home, stay safe, save lives. But - just because we can't be together doesn't mean that we can't celebrate together!

This week's theme is 'songs from the films.'

Songs from the films

Here are the songs played by Mr Wheeler on today's Facebook live streamed Lockdown Lowdown.

Where No one Goes from How To Train Your Dragon

Accidentally In love from Shrek.

You’re Welcome from Moana.

Happy from Despicable Me.

Shake It Up from Sing.

Try Everything from Zootropolis

Guess the tune

This week, Mr Wheeler asked us to set a music quiz for the children. The quiz was fantastic with a lot of great questions and as usual some very special guests!

These are our Superstars this week - mostly nominated by their families to receive a special mention


Amber has worked incredibly hard during the Lockdown, completing the majority of her school work each week. This is a huge achievement, especially as she has a 2 year old little sister who gets to spend all day playing! She has also shown great determination away from school work, having learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers this week, then going on a 3 mile bike ride just the next day. However, she managed to beat that with a 17 mile ride this week! Well done Amber!
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Ava is just doing so well and still after all these weeks she is getting her work done. She perseveres with everything even though at times things have been a bit tricky. She is just maintaining such a great attitude and finishes everything no matter how hard or how long it takes her.

I have been amazed by Ava this whole time. She has completely taken us by surprise as we expected her to put up more of a fuss about working at home, but no, she has certainly persevered.

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Benjamin has never complained about going to school during the lockdown while we work and a lot of children around him are at home.

He is been keen to learn and improved his maths and English skills. In maths, he attained mastery in algebra and geometry with complex angles. In English he had mastery over his age appropriate grammar, tenses comprehension and composition.

Furthermore, we noted his interest in reading has gone up few notches, most nights we find him reading on his kindle up to late in the night. I am very impressed by this level of consistency.

Domestically, he has shown a rising level of responsibility. He helps with chores like unloading the washing machine and dish washer.

He has been great at helping to vaccum the house and keep it nice and tidy.

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Billy has adapted to “lockdown life” incredibly well. School work has been completed daily without a fuss and Billy has enjoyed sharing his completed work with Mr Osborne. Being super active is natural for Billy. Not being able to play football or go swimming was tough at first but Billy has embraced the J7/Brayton Primary sports challenges. He has become an exercise buddy for mum and dad and has taken up a new hobby: Basketball, his inspiration being Michael Jordan! Billy always strives to achieve the best and shows resilience in the process. Being in lockdown has not altered his mindset!

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Nominated by Mrs Burnell - Iris has continued to impress us this week with her mature attitude towards coming back to school. She has settled back in fantastically and is eager to learn. She has amazed us with her fluent reading and quick mental maths skills. She is quicker than me! Well done Iris, we are very proud of you
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Despite finding the situation very difficult, Joshua has really persevered at this difficult time and has been thinking of other people close to him.

He has been completing daily checks on an elderly neighbour, waves to him and gets a thumbs up if he's ok and has drawn pictures for his window.

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Millie was due to start in Year 6 the week lockdown started and schools closed, as we moved to Brayton from Kent that week (the day lockdown started). She has not been to the school, or met any of her new class mates or teachers. The move wasn’t quite how we had envisaged it to be. Despite all this change and uncertainty of not just the lockdown but changing schools at the same time, as well as thinking about the transition to secondary school, she has continued to work hard and persevere with her school work (through her old school) every day. Even when she has struggled with how to do something, she didn’t give up, and kept going until she could do it. She has taken the situation in her stride and has been determined to carry on as normally as she can. She is, though, really looking forward to finally meeting other children in her year group and the teachers soon.
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Nominated by Mrs Clayton - Ollie has fully understood the new 'bubble' rules and explained them in great detail to his mum. Ollie has thoroughly enjoyed learning facts about plants, he’s planted beans in the outdoor area and found some plants with really big roots whilst playing on the field. Ollie has impressed me with his reading! He is using his phonic knowledge to decode words and demonstrates a fantastic understanding about what he has read. Ollie has continued to practise addition and counting on to find the answer, learning facts about the solar system as well as letter and number formation. What a super week, Ollie!
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Rhys has applied himself well to his work despite not wanting to at times. He’s continually supportive of Mum and Emilie, and he has even grown his own strawberries and has enjoyed feeding the ducks in the canal during his time away from school work. It is also his birthday today, so a big happy birthday to him.
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Nominated by Mrs Anderson - Riley returned to Nursery with a big smile and has been keen to have a go at everything we have done this week from Cosmic Yoga to launching rockets! He has worked really hard to improve his cutting skills and remembered the top tip of keeping Tommy Thumb on top. He has also practised writing his name with all the flicks
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The first few weeks of home learning were a struggle and she’s found it really hard to do work and be apart from her friends, grandparents, dad and sister. This last two weeks she has taken charge of her own learning, often completing the week's worth in a couple of days. She has been helping around the house without anyone having to ask and written letters to everyone she misses while on lock down.
We’re very proud of her for not giving up and finding her way.
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And the rest of you...

Even if you didn't get in this week's Lockdown Lowdown, your teachers are loving finding out what you have been learning at home. We are proud of each and every one of you.

Stay safe and take care!

Together we shine as one.