Wm. Adams Middle School

Faculty and Staff Newsletter • March 21, 2016

Morning Duty This Week - 7:30 a.m. to 7:42 a.m.

Margaret Nygard - Station 1: Outside main entrance

Destiny Pena - Station 2: Corridor to the gym

Melissa Prochazka - Station 3: West entrance

Francisco Rios - Station 4: 100 wing between 112 and 114 (monitor from 112 to 116)

Mary Allen Rios - Station 5: 200 wing between 207 and 209 (monitor from 207 to 216)

Ruben Rodriguez - Station 6: Outside Library by tables

Jessica Chavarria - Station 7: 300 wing between 303 and 306 (monitor from 303 to 301)

Oralia Eberhard - Station 8: 300 wing between 312 and 314 (monitor from 312 to 316)

Augustine Erebia - Station 9: 400 wing between 404 and 406 (monitor from 406 to 401)

Kandace Fox - Station 10: 400 wing between 409 and 414 (monitor from 407 to 416)

Richard Franco - Station 11: Outside 400 wing by east entry

Denise Garcia - Station 12: Bus Stop

**If you know in advance that you will be absent, please alert administration in order to have someone monitor your station in your absence.

Please Complete the Assessment Training Modules

With testing quickly approaching, please remember to go to the following website and complete the training modules. Print the certificate at the end of each quiz and provide a copy of each to Margie Longoria.

These modules along with the video scenarios included therein provide excellent examples of active monitoring, test security, and proper handling of test materials. By completing these modules, we should be able to minimize, if not eliminate, testing irregularities.

The website is: http://texasassessment.com/

The link to each module is found on the right side of the screen under "Test Administrator Training Modules."

5 Saturday Schools Remaining

The last 5 Saturday Schools will be held at Alice High School on April 2, April 16, May 7. May 14, and May 21.

If you would like to sign up to teach any or all of these dates, please contact Margie Longoria. We been averaging about 35 students in attendance, but we expect our attendance on these dates to be higher. Your help is very much appreciated as we work to help our students advance to 8th or 9th grade.

Attendance Update:

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We had two days where either the 7th graders or the 8th graders met their 95% attendance goal, and a couple of days where they almost met their goal, hitting 94%. Not unexpectedly, the Friday before Spring Break was a very bad attendance day where neither grade level broke 90%.

This is a short week with no school on Friday so anything you can do to encourage students to be in attendance is much appreciated.

Check out the site below for great ideas for vocabulary and foldables. Special thanks to Michelle Ballard for sharing this site.

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