The Automechanic

Abe And Bell, The Married Couple W/ 3 Children

"It's Moving Day!"

The kids are screaming their heads off in the back ready to see the new house. It has been a long drive to see our site in between Brownsville and Matamoros. The only thing exciting coming over here is seeing our new home and finally getting to unpack our bags.
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"It's Time To Get To Work"

What are we working on?

We are currently working on performing maintenance, diagnostic testing, repairs, and inspecting smalls trucks and cars.

Who are we working with?

We are working with a few locals clients who needs their engines, drive belts, transmissions, and electric systems fixed.

Where are we working?

Our auto mechanic shop is located a few blocks from our new home in between Brownsville and Matamoros. It has 3 work bays with 2 new lifts.

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"Instagram Your Dinner"

On our first day, we have decided to eat-in in our brand new home. We stopped by a near-by grocery store to pick up some ingredients for our fancy gourmet burgers we are about to have for dinner. To spice things up we have also picked up some expensive wine to go along with the burgers.
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"We Just Bought Something!"

We decided to head over to a flea-market in Matamoros to find some intriguing sculpture/artwork for our new home. After an hour and thirty minutes of walking around we passed by this pottery called "Barro Negro" which mean "Black Clay" in Spanish. It has this very interesting shape to it, almost like a vase. It also has this interesting artwork carved by an unknown Mexican artist. After the purchase, we have decided to head back immediately to place it in our home as an art piece/furniture.
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"Our Thoughts About The Current Border Issues"

This border issue that has been going on recently has gone out of hand. We have heard it would take around $8 billion as much as $70 billion just to build a wall throughout the entire border. Then you're going to have throw an extra $750 million annually just to maintain the wall each year. How ridiculous does that sound! I think Trump should use that money wisely and put it towards infrastructure, education, and poverty. It would definitely be a huge change in society if he did that.
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"I liked a luxury car page on Instagram"

This morning, I was casually scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across this luxury car page called "L'Art de L'automobile KAR" based in France. I immediately fell in love with the cars they had on it. It ranged from vintage sports car to modern day sports car. I couldn't describe how I felt when I saw those vintage cars, it was sort of nostalgic because I loved those cars ever since I was a young kid. One day, my shop will soon to have multiple of luxury sports car.

Check out their page: