Mr. Gatsby Obituary

The life of Gatsby

Mr. Jay Gatsby has passed away. He died at the young age of thirty two. He lived in west egg New York, New York. He died from a gun wound through the heart. The killer was George Wilson. Who killed himself after he did the act.Gatsby was born on June 20, 1893. He was born into a poor farming family in North Dakota. He went to Trinity college, Oxford for a short time never got his degree.

He was a soldier in WWI, Entrepreneur, and a bootlegger. Most of his wealth came from bootlegging. His wealth also came from many gang organization connections. He also so got a decorated valor for his participation in the war.He didn’t have any children to live on by. But his mom and dad are still alive.

The funeral will be held 5 pm on Saturday at Mr. Gatsby's house. The burial will be at west egg burial ground. Please bring friends and family to this sad day. There will be a reception after the service. Also there will be a separate service for the family of the lost.

Praises the his war effort, his side business, and also it

Thursday, March 3rd 1927 at 5pm

New York, NY, United States

New York, NY