LRTT Uganda 2016

Limited Resource Teacher Training - Rebecca Brown

Life Update!

Hello Family and Friends!

I (Rebecca Brown) have an amazing opportunity to work with LRTT (Limited Resource Teacher Training) in Uganda for four weeks this summer (July 3-31).

I will be working with 20 other teacher fellows in the schools of Uganda training teachers. We will be providing the teachers with strategies and support.

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Limited Resource Teacher Training

Faced with the challenges of increasingly stretched resources, increasingly large class sizes and not enough trained teachers to meet demand, LRTT is the way to do more with less.

LRTT is dedicated to delivering high quality, sustainable teacher training by working closely with partner organizations in parts of the world where teacher training is really needed to improve education.

LRTT has built a team of 140 teacher fellows, which will be split into 8 teacher training projects in 7 countries across 3 continents, as a part of 1 global movement. Together we will equip over 1,500 teachers in limited resource environments to achieve great outcomes for over 75,000 children!

Starting a Wave 2016


I need to fund-raise a little more than $3,000 for this trip.

Costs Cover...

-plane ticket (round trip)

-accommodations and 3 meals a day

-travel in country

-work visa

-participation costs and the facilitation for local teachers to attend

-training and mentoring

If you would like to donate, click here and you will be taken to my GoFundMe page.


Contact Rebecca if you have any questions!

-3rd grade teacher at Covington Street Elementary

-LRTT Uganda 2016 Teacher Fellow