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Christian Ego

"I wish I'd said..." I regularly find myself knocking myself in the head and talking these words soon after having a serious dialogue about Christianity with someone. Now that I'm composing posts I find myself saving my writings to the "Something More" file and I neglect to reach my personal quota of posts per week because I'm confident I 'll have something else to say, that christian lifestyle I didn't say enough, or, my personal biggest panic, I said the wrong thing and headed a believer down the incorrect path. This is the reason behind the post now; clarification. Inside my post "More Than Human" I wrote about one of my favorite subjects; Christian Ego. Sadly, Christian Pride is an extremely touchy issue amongst Christians and after rereading my post I consider that I didn't totally, due to word count and span, clarify my ideas on this particular issue. I believed it best to dedicate a whole post on the issue.

Now if that does not get you reconsider any opinions you may have had about Pride or any idea you may have had about it being OK to be proud I do not understand what'll. I do not need to recant what I wrote; I do need to try and clarify my ideas on what I call Christian Ego.

Inside my post "More Than Human" I indicated that we're something different, "new creations in Christ", or "More than Human", so, in my believing, Christian Ego is something different than human ego There are eight verses in the Bible (in my NIV variant) that use the term ego, five in the Old Testament (not Christian ego), and three in the New Testament (Christian ego). This really is precisely what I attempted to describe in my post when I said, "I understand it's scriptural, but read the circumstance of the scripture before you proceed quoting it. Ego is a sin, the kind of ego that says I did this, I did that, and God who; that sort of ego is a sin.
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