U.S. in the Great War

Reason for entry

The U-boat Attack

Germans were sinking any allied ship passing around British Isles. Fifty ships were hit, one included the liner Lusitania. There were 1,198 passengers, 138 being Americans. Many Americans wanted war, Wilson was protesting the Germans. President Wilson knew there were not enough submarines to do the job. He suspended the campaign temporarily. Later the Germans not only sunk allied ships but also neutral ships, knowing this would bring America into the war.


After WW1 a German U-boat shot a torpedo and sank the RMS Lusitania. Over 1,900 passengers, more than 1,100 died. one hundred and twenty were Americans. The sinking of the ship really stirred up the people wanting war. Almost two years pass, United States officially joins the war.

The Zimmerman Note

A proposal from Germany to persuade Mexico to join the war against United States. Germany predicted that neutral United States would join the war on the side of the Allies. Mexico was promised territories that was once lost to the United States. After the United States heard many called for war. This message really drew the U.S. into war. Mexico ignored the proposal, once the was was over, they officially rejected it.

Ashley Randolph