Digital Citizenship

Info Tech

Self-Image & Identity

In this day in age we are all part of digital media. Thats any way of using technology for media use, like Facebook or Twitter. That means that we all share a digital citizenship online. We all have used it, wether it is for a report, or just to see whats happening on twitter, we all do it. when you put something on twitter, or Facebook you are making an image of yourself. It can be good or bad. Don't be something your not. it seems like we all put on a mask, we become a different person online.

Digital iDentity

Digital Footprint & Reputation

Digital footprint is every time you post something or add it to you favorites, just anything online that you do. As soon as you post it you can't take it off completely it will be stored somewhere. You can't delete it all. People can see what you have done. make sure you have a clean digital footprint or else there are consequences. Like if you are only partying on your facebook colleges might not except you.

Your digital footprint

Relationships & Communication

You have an image online, wether its is a tough guy appearance that you have to maintain or something like that its what you look and act like. People act upon other appearance causing them to live a double standerd online. a double standard is where you act one way buy you truly are a different thing. The best thing you can do is be yourself. You should be able to communicate online easily , but you should be careful to whom and what you are talking about. You can develop great relationships, but don't get caught up in you online world.

Online Communication

The internet is a great thing, but know what you are doing.