Andrew Jackson

From Nothing to Somthing

Nullification Crisis

When the Tariff of Abomination was passed the south started to protest. Calhoun went to the south to protest with the southerners.When the southerners threatened to suede the tax was lowered to a affordable tax.

Trial of Tears

Jackson had all Indians move on to reservations. They were sent on a trail to three reservation in the west. 4000 natives died and many others got sick on this journey. They came from Georgia and ended up in Oklahoma. The conditions of the trail were cold, there was little food and water on the trail.

Spoil System

President would give important jibs tho friends he know or family or people that helped him like in the corrupt bargain with JQA. People might not like this because the president could give a important job to someone with no intelligence about the job. This could lead to big mistakes and bad choices for the country.

political cartoon and meaning

In this political cartoon Jackson is hanging Calhoun is vice president because Calhoun went to Carolina to protest during the Nullification Crisis. So the meaning behind the cartoon is that if you try to speak out against Jackson he will make you pay for it.

White factory worker letter to editor

Jackson is a great guy he is not some rich guy how does not care about us normal people. He was one of use when he was young and understands the struggle.

He even added a tariff to make people buy more materials from use which is more money for me and other factory workers.

Native America Letter to Editor

In my opinion Jackson was a horrible man he drove my people off there land and killed most of the others. When i walked on The trail of tears it was horrible, There was barley any food for anyone and the same with water. My baby sister died half way to the new reservation it was terrible how we had to leave her body lying in the mud because we were not allowed to stop to bury anyone. once we reached the new reservation not to long after we were forced even farther West.