Make Monday Matter

February 8, 2016


"A child is like a butterfly in the wind, Some can fly higher than others.

But each one flies the best it can..

Why compare one against the other?

Each one is different. Each one is special. Each one is beautiful".

Valentine's Day Parties

All Valentine's Day Parties will be Friday.

Pre K & Headstart will have their parties before lunch

Kindergarten & 1st gr. classes will have their parties after lunch

From our Counselor

Due to CogAT testing there will be no Classroom Guidance Lessons this week.

Cogat Testing

1st grade will begin Cogat Testing this week. You should have a schedule for the testing.

White Shirt Day

Thursday, February 11 is National White Shirt Day (I have no idea why)

----Sounds like a good reason to wear jeans. If you wear a white shirt you may wear jeans on Thursday.

Teacher of the Month

This month's Lion Club Teacher of the Month is a headstart teacher, Ms.Regina Parrott . Congratulations to Ms. Parrott.

Lead Teachers

I would like to meet with lead teachers tomorrow after school.

From our Safety Team

In abidance of state law we will be conducting our second semester lock down drill (along with the monthly fire drill) this month. Wed. Feb. 24 @ 9:00am bells will alarm for our fire drill. We will exit the building as such.

When all is clear from the fire drill, we will all re-enter the building and go in to a school lock down.

You will stay in lock down position in your classroom until an announcement is made over the intercom, by an administrator.

Please be reviewing these emergency procedures in your red folders and be talking to your students about them.

Looking ahead

On February 25 & 26 we have 15 + teachers who will out with substitutes. No personal days will be approved without emergency.

A Message from our Cafeteria


Please do not let your students carry stacks of lunch trays in the cafeteria. If/when those trays are dropped they break. If you choose to take a stack at a time to the wash area please be sure an adult is carrying them.