Fashion Designer

By: Sanaa Noor, Career profile

Job Description

A fashion Designer a person who makes clothes and they are really creative. You have to be really good drawer. Everything is your idea it comes from your head.


You really don't need to go to collage. You just need a to finish high school. You don't need a lot of schooling really just high school.

Personal Skills


*Managing Time

*Being aware of others



low$11.30 Median$25.40 High$53.12

Southeast Minnesota

Low$19.05 Median$28.25 High$45.51

Advantages or Disadvantages

The advantages are that you get to do what you want everything comes from your head and you get to make stuff and thats really fun. Some of the disadvantages are the that you have to do everything by yourself and you to draw a lot.


The outlook of this job is not a lot in 2012 they employed 172 in 2022 they will employe 173 there will not be that much of growth in the career.

High school courses

  • Studio art
  • Fashion
  • Studio art 2

Related career


  • Fashion institute of technology (New York)
  • Kent state university (kent, Oh)
  • Academy of art university (San Francisco. Ca)


I really like this job because I love fashion and since I was a baby it was something i wanted to do. The job really fits me and I love fashion and hope i would like to be a fashion designer one day.

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