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Soccer Men

Soccer Men by Simon Kuper is about all good players around the world and how they grew up to love soccer. Some of the players as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Edison Arantes do Nascimento Pelé.


Lionel Messi started soccer in may of 2010, how he got to professional soccer was through work. He and he grandma, when he was younger use to play with he brothers and his grandma use to force the coach to put Don Salvador Aparicio to lets Leo Messi to play with his older brothers on the soccer field and he was sometimes better then the others boys he played with. He on the field use to come out as hard as he could and dribble toward someone with passion. Leo and his Grandma and brothers grew up in Argentine River Town always watching soccer when he wasn't busy. Messi would always practice when he could too. Messi is now one of the worlds most known soccer players for having a easy childhood.


David Beckham like Messi join in October 2010, David Beckham got known for winning a tittle with winning a Spanish Tittle with Real Madrid in 2007. He played, grew up and lived in England but he came to the United State to get on an MLS time he got on LA Galaxy and he still is to this day. As a kid David Beckham grew up in England with his Mothers and Father and with 2 sisters. Now he has a son and 2 twin daughters. His childhood was very slow and not much important happened to him growing up. When he was in High School at age 16 he got his first break to go play with Manchester United, He thought school was to hard and he would have to much going on if he had school to so he dropped out of high school and went to Manchester City and never went to college.