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"Christmas is a Time to Love"

A popular Christmas song here in Thailand is called "Christmas pen weelaa" (pronounced Christmas ben way laa hang kwaamrak - which means "Christmas is a time to love").


Christmas is a time. Christmas is a time. Christmas is a time to love. (repeat)


We often start to worry, and people get upset,

when things don’t go alright on Christmas day.

But what we should remember,

in all the push and shove,

is Christmas is a time to love.

On Christmas morning, I along with MB Missionary teammates Rebecca Hiebert and Jill Ramer (with four Thai university students who so graciously wanted to help us) were asked to come share at a local high school Christmas assembly. They asked us to share our Christmas traditions by singing 3 Christmas Carols and doing an activity with the 1000+ students and faculty that had assembled out in front of their school. We sang "Joy To The World" - (with great harmony!) and then sang the Thai carol - in English, but with these verses instead:

1) On that first Christmas morning,

The Son of God was born

The angels told the Shepherds to seek Him

The little baby Jesus,

In a manger lay

For Christmas is a time to love

Christmas is a time. Christmas is a time. Christmas is a time to love. (repeat)

2) That little child from Heaven

Came with a purpose clear

He had a plan to save us all from sin

He’d die on the cross at Calvary

Then rise so we could live

For Christmas is a time to love

Even though we were standing on a stage with the sun beating down on us and the temperature was 90+ degrees, I couldn't stop smiling! For me, it finally "felt" like Christmas! We just had the opportunity to publicly proclaim that Emmanuel had come and share the truth of the gospel message AT A HIGH SCHOOL!! It was awesome!!

Christmas Outreach at the new weekly Kids Club at Rom Yen

Weekly Kids Club Christmas Outreach at the Burmese Lighthouse Bang Sai Church.

New Beginnings!

Christmas Outreach at Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University Chachoengsao

What a joy to watch 3 of our young leaders that we have been discipling and training have the boldness and passion to reach other students in their university. Boat - 2nd yr., along with Gaan and Daow - 1st yr students, were challenged to evangelize on their campus. An organization from Bangkok called iServe is partnering with us in this endeavor. So together with iServe, our student leaders and our awesome TREK team, we held our first Christmas Outreach on Campus. There were fun games, good eats, presents, singing, drimes with clear impacting messages, along with testimonies and a great gospel presentation. Exciting news: SIX students indicated that they prayed to receive Christ as their Savior and THIRTEEN others are wanting more information and we have all their contact information!! Praise God!! Please pray with us as follow-up and walk by faith in this new ministry opportunity! GOD IS AT WORK!!
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Don't Miss Out! Please watch the following short video.


Now It's Your Turn To Share in the Love!

Here's an opportunity for you to share in the LOVE of the Hope Center and help us to keep multiplying disciples and leaders. Presently, our pledges and gifts are lower than our budget needs. Please pray with us and consider giving a monthly pledge and/or a one time gift to support this valuable Kingdom ministry: House of Hope C0625

When the above video was recorded, only 3 were believers (Trekker Odi, Gan and Thoey), but through the Christmas season, 3 more have asked Jesus to be their Savior!! Please pray with us that the Hope Center will continue to be a beacon of light that draws people out of the darkness and into the truth and love of God's Kingdom!

PS: I haven't told you about the NINE people who made decisions to follow Christ at the Bethel Christmas Outreach!! But that will wait until the next update!! :)