Transfiguration School Newsletter

August 30th, 2021

News and Notes

Dear Transfiguration Families,

I hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of Summer! This newsletter is full of important information so please make sure you read it carefully.

Although most of our protocols are the same from last year, I have listed them below as a reminder. I know that this year we will be as successful as we were last year in keeping the children safe. Thank you again for your cooperation and flexibility in working with me.

As I shared in the last newsletter, we will have After Care! It will be held in the gym this year and will start on Monday, September 13th. Students will be seated by their cohorts (class). After Care will be held until 6 pm as it has in the past. You will pick up your child in the front entrance this year, rather than the back entrance.

I am please to announce that Victoria Jensen will be joining our faculty as the new 3rd grade teacher. She most recently taught in Belgium at an American school with the Department of Defense. I am very excited to welcome her to our community!

Please see below for information from Father Emiel on The Blessing of the Backpacks.

Have a great day!

Ms. Kazan

From the Pastor

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General Information

  • All students and staff will be required to wear facemasks while in the building. Appropriate mask breaks will be provided throughout the school day.
  • All breaks, including recess, will be designed to limit interaction of one class with another, to minimize contact.
  • Our drinking fountains will be covered and students will be asked to bring a filled water bottle, clearly marked with their name. Reusable water bottles are encouraged.
  • Appropriate social distancing must always be observed and maintained.
  • Students will not be switching classes for different subjects and specials. The teachers will be rotating through the classrooms. This will limit the shared use of classrooms, desks and spaces.
  • Students will not be using the cafeteria for lunch but will eat lunch in the classrooms.

Student Entrance/Exit

Student Arrival

  • Social distancing markers outside the building will be set up along the ground.
  • Each grade will have a line which will be marked. Students will line up 6 ft apart in their class line.

  • Students coming in cars:
  • will have their temperature screening while in the car.
  • Parents will not be able to park and the lot will be set up as a drive through only.
  • When a student is cleared, they will leave their car and line up in their grade 6 ft apart.
  • If a student is not cleared, they will be asked to go home.
  • The drive through will begin at 7:20. Students will enter the building and go to their classes beginning at 7:40.

  • Students coming by bus:
  • Staff member will take temperatures as students leave the bus and walk to their designated spot.
  • Buses will come at 7:40.
  • If a student has a fever of 100.0F or above, they will be put in our guardian angel room and wait until pickup.

Student Dismissal

  • Bus students will be dismissed 5 minutes before car students and go directly to their buses. Students will depart one bus at a time.
  • Car students will line up outside in their class lines 6ft apart and be picked up in a car line. No parking.

After Care Students will be walked to the gym with the car line students.

Social Distancing, Bathroom and other Procedures

Social Distancing Reminders

  • Throughout the building we have placed social distancing markers and reminders.
  • In the front of the building and at all doors, we have signs to indicate the rules regarding social distancing and mask wearing.
  • We will also have signage to indicate the direction in which to travel in hallways and stairways allowing for proper distancing for line-up and movement of students and/or classes.

Bathroom Procedure:
  • Bathrooms will be disinfected by wiping down with CDC-approved cleaners at least two to three times throughout the day and thoroughly cleaned daily.
  • Students will only be allowed two at a time in the girls bathroom and three at a time in the boys bathroom.
  • All bathrooms will have handwashing reminders.
  • Small stick on lights will be outside the bathroom door that a student will press with their elbow to indicate that they are in the bathroom. If the lights are all on, students may not enter the bathroom.
  • We will have an Aide walking the halls and checking bathrooms to ensure social distancing.

Guardian Angel Room

  • Our school has designated a “Guardian Angel” room (isolation room). This room will be used as the nurses office when not used as the guardian angel room.
  • Those students exhibiting symptoms will be immediately moved to the Guardian Angel Room, (isolation room), where they must wear a face covering until they are picked up, as soon as possible, by an authorized person. The parent or guardian must be notified, and safe pickup will be arranged.

Uniform Reminders

Last year we were VERY flexible with the school uniforms, as it was difficult/unsafe to go out shopping, get a haircut, etc. This year the salons and stores are open, so we expect students to be in complete uniform each day!

Please Remember the following:

1. HAIR: All students are expected to have clean and neatly cut hair. Hair should be of natural color with limited amount ​of styling products (i.e. gel, mousse, hair spray, etc.). Hair may not hang in students' eyes restricting vision. Boy's hair may not hang below their ears or collar nor can it be shaved.

2. JEWELRY: Basic digital or analog watches may be worn to school - NO APPLE or other "smart" watches. Girls may wear ​one pair of small post earrings in normal earring hole only​. Dangling earrings are dangerous during playtime and are not to be worn to school. Other jewelry (bracelets, rings, necklaces other than a single religious necklace) is not permitted.

3. Nail Polish is not allowed.

4. All sweatshirts, sweaters, etc. must be uniform.

Every Friday is SPIRIT FRIDAY, so students will be able to wear spirit tops with their uniforms. I have included the link for uniforms and Spirit Wear below.

Tentative 21-22 Transfiguration Calendar

Tuesday, September 7th- Opening Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, September 8th - First Day of School 11:45 Dismissal NO AFTER CARE

Thursday, September 9th- NO AFTER CARE

Friday, September 10th- NO AFTER CARE

Monday, September 13th- After Care Begins

Wednesday, September 22nd - SCHOOL CLOSED- Conference Day

September 27-October 15 - MAP Exams

Friday, October 1st - Faculty Meeting 11:45 Dismissal

Monday, October 11th - SCHOOL CLOSED- Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 12th- First Day of Winter Uniform

Thursday, October 21st - SCHOOL CLOSED – Conference Day

Monday, October 25th- School Photos

Wednesday, October 27th - SCHOOL CLOSED – Conference Day

Friday, November 5th - End of Quarter 1

Friday, November 5th - TACHS Online Exam

Wednesday, November 10th - Faculty Meeting 11:45 Dismissal

Thursday, November 11th - SCHOOL CLOSED – Veteran’s Day

November 22-23 - Parent Teacher Conferences

November 24-26 SCHOOL CLOSED – Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, December 22nd - Faculty Meeting 11:45 Dismissal

December 23-January 2 - SCHOOL CLOSED Christmas Break

Monday, January 3rd - School Resumes

January 10-January 21 - MAP Testing

Wednesday, January 12th - Faculty Meeting 11:45 Dismissal

Monday, January 17th NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 18- January 24 Midterms- Grades 3-8

Friday, January 28th- End of Quarter 2

January 31-February 4 Catholic Schools Week

Thursday, February 17th Faculty Meeting 11:45 Dismissal

Friday, February 18th SCHOOL CLOSED – Conference Day

February 21-23 SCHOOL CLOSED- February Break

Thursday, February 24th - School Resumes

Wednesday, March 9th Faculty Meeting- 11:45 Dismissal

Friday, March 18th SCHOOL CLOSED- Possible Unused Snow Day

March 29-March 31 - NYS ELA TEST Gr. 3-8

March 31 - Quarter 3 Ends

Wednesday, April 6th - Faculty Meeting 11:45 Dismissal

April 14-April 22 - SCHOOL CLOSED Easter Break

Monday, April 24th - School Resumes

April 26-April 28 NYS Math Tests Gr. 3-8

Friday, May 6th - SCHOOL CLOSED Possible Unused Snow Day

May 9- May 27 - MAP Testing

Friday, May 13th - Faculty Meeting 11:45 Dismissal

Friday, May 27th - SCHOOL CLOSED- Possible Unused Snow Day

Monday, May 30th - SCHOOL CLOSED – Memorial Day

May 31-June 10 - Final Exams – Gr. 3-8

Thursday, June 16th - Kindergarten Graduation Time TBA

Saturday, June 18th - 8th Grade Graduation 11:00am

Monday, June 20th - SCHOOL CLOSED – Juneteenth

Wednesday, June 22nd - 11:45 Dismissal

Thursday, June 23rd - 10:30 Dismissal- Last Day of School

Friday, June 24th Possible Snow Day Give Back