Research Search Guide

Ms. Coley, English III


Use the Website Evaluation Checklist below to evaluate these and other online sources. Generally, stay away from Wikipedia and look for authoritative sources like Time, Newsweek, PBS, or online almanacs instead of blogs and fan pages.


Citations are automatic with these online resources:
Mackin Via

To access all databases at home, log in to Mackin Via with your ID & birthdate.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Access thousands of non-fiction ebooks and quality reference materials through Gale Virtual Reference Library. You can print, copy/paste, email, or download portions of books and cite them automatically.
Gale Virtual Reference Library

Login through Mackin Via if off campus.


You can access over 100,000 non-fiction ebooks through Ebrary. You can search within each book and copy/paste sections from any book without downloading the entire book. Anything you copy/paste is automatically cited for you as well! Highlight and make notes within the book that you can access later.

Ebrary Link

Login with your usual school login (ID and birthday).

Print Materials

Find these on the cart or search the catalog using the link below.

Citation Generators