Smoking-Cool or not Cool?

Many people smoke because they think it's cool...but is it?


One reason why you shouldn’t smoke is because it leads to many types of devastating cancers. It is official that it is the official cause of lung cancer, which kills thousands each year (Page 15). Not only lung, smoking causes stomach, bladder, kidney, pancreas, etc. (Page 21) As you can see, lungs aren’t the only body part affected by it. Furthermore, 90% of cancer is because of smoking (Page 20). “My father’s sister, Nancy smoked heavily and died of cancer. One of Nancy’s children, my cousin, smoked and also recently died of cancer…” says Patrick Reynolds. (Page 27) How would you feel if that was your family? You may not think so, but cancer and smoking are closely linked together.


Another reason not to smoke is because it badly affects your appearance. It causes you to have yellow, dirty teeth. Even whitening your teeth won’t remove it (Page 37). Your teeth will eventually rot and fall out. Next, it causes wrinkles to form on your face at an earlier age, which definitely is not attractive (Page 37). You will have them on your face, hands, feet, everywhere! In addition to bad teeth and wrinkles, it makes your clothes, things, breath, and even your house smell like smoke all the time, making it hard to sell your house. Also, it won’t attract visitors or friends to come over. As much surgery and showering you try, your bad appearance will always be there.

Health Risks for People Around You.

The final reason why you should never smoke is because of the awful health risks it can cause for people around you. Never thought of that, did you? Those who are exposed to cigarettes are twice likely to have a heart attack than non-exposed people (Page 25). Also, it can destroy children’s developing tissues, and cause their bones and muscles to grow wrong (Page 26). It definitely puts babies and kids in danger. Next, people near you are at a much higher risk for asthma, ear problems, and coughing (Page 27). Lastly, 53,000 people die each year from second hand smoking (Page 27). You don’t want to put your family in danger like that, do you? Smoking is harmful to people of all ages.