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Peyton & Eli

Peyton and Eli Manning are brothers who both play in the NFL. While Peyton has better stats Eli has 2 Super Bowl Championships to Peyton's 1. Peyton Manning has the all time record for touchdown passes while Eli is in the Top 20. During their two head to head match ups and winning both times, Peyton has had more yards and touchdowns in each of the games. While both quarterbacks are good Peyton is perceived as the better quarterback. While they still have time left in their careers they are both expected to be nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Peyton Through the Years

At Isidore Newman High School Peyton led his football team to a 35-4 record. He threw over 7000 yards. In 1993 his senior year he was named All State and Columbus Offensive player of the year. In Peyton Manning's four years at Tennessee, in the SEC Conference, he managed 863 completions, with a completion percentage of 62.5. His total passing yards were 11,201 and an 8.1 yards per completion average. He had a total of 89 touchdown passes. In 1998 he signed with the Colts. He played there for 14 years. Then he signed with the Broncos in 2012. Peyton has played 215 games with 5,864 completions and 68,873 passing yards with an average of 7.7 yards per completion. He has the All-Time Touchdown record with 527 and counting. His best year was 2013-2014 season.