Ethiopia Awesome Sights

Learn all new things about Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a Great Place

Ethiopia is located in Eastern Africa. The Nile River runs through Ethiopia.It is mostly Tropical or Subtropical grassland or savanna.Ethiopia is in the north east know as the Horn of Africa. The Great Rift Valley splits the plateau diagonally.the Capitol is Addis Ababa.the religion is split by 50% Christians and 50% Muslim.Most Ethiopians are Farmers.

Ethiopia's map

It includes the capitol and some surrounding countries.
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Ethiopia's water fall

This a pretty waterfall in Ethiopia these are scattered all around
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Ethiopia's hotels

This is one of many hotels in seems they like mediaeval fashion building
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Ethiopia's flag

The green recalls the land, yellow stands for peace and hope, and red is symbolic of strength.
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Most Active Volcano in Ethiopia

Erta Ale is a continuously active basaltic shield volcano in theAfar Region of northeastern Ethiopia,
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Ethiopia's country two animals

The lion and the donkey are the two country animals!

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