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Info About Sacagawea

Sacagawea was born in 1788.Her real name is Hetee and Haichu.Those names mean little bird.She had brown eyes and black hair.When she was little she liked to pick nut and berries and much more for her mother.Sacagawea was named that once she got kidnapped.It means bird woman.Were she lived in the Shoshone camp it had a water fall and it was so beatiful.She had a mother,farther,son,and husband.

Facts about Sacagawea

Sacagawea was alive when are 3rd president Tomas Jefferson was alive.In are time Sacagawea was borin in president day Idaho.When Sacagawea was 12 Hidatsa warroirs attacked the shoshone campand held Sacagawea captive.At that time the warriors killed Sacagawea's mother.When Sacagawea was 16 she ment a guy named Charbonneau.She was sold to him in a game of chance.Charbonneau wanted sacagawea to be his 2nd wife.So they married and had a son named Jean.Jean has a nick name whitch is Pomp.

Why Sacagawea became famous

She became famous for doing the big expedition with lewis and Clark.One of her quotes were"The three forks are at no great distances"Sacagawea is on a gold coin that costs 1.00$.Sacagawea died Dec.20 1812.Sacagawea was a brave woman who explored so today people honor her for her courage and her strength.There were some stuff about Sacagawea.
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Wax Museum

The picture above is me dressed up as Sacagawea at my schools wax museum.