Our Students, Our School, Our Community

R-MIS C.A.R.E.S. by partnering with families and the community to promote academic success, respect and kindness, and leadership qualities in all students. We strive to instill integrity, a life-long enthusiasm for learning, and a strong work ethic; preparing students for local and global citizenship.

Happening this Month

February 3rd - 7th: National School Counseling Week

February 6th: Conservation (to be rescheduled)

February 7th: R-MIS Night at RHS Basketball Game

February 8th: Academic Team: Districts

February 11th: Baroque in the Cafe for Orchestra Resizing

February 11th: 3rd Grade to PAC

February 13th: Valentine's Day Parties

February 14th: Valentine's Day

February 17th: President's Day- School is in session

February 17th- 20th: Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 18th: Founder's Day/5th Grade Orchestra Concert 7 PM

February 20th: SBDM 4 PM

February 21st - 24th: Winter Break

February 25th: Core Essentials Assembly- Creativity

February 25th: Students of the Month to Chick-fil-A

February 28th: Team Spirit Day!

February 29th: Leap Year!

February 29th: Academic Team- Regionals at R-MIS

Valentine, I See You in My Future!

Send a Valentine's Day Gram to Your Friends

Fortune Cookie Valentine's Day Grams can be sent by parents, family members, and friends to students and teachers. Each Valentines' Day Gram is $1 and you can order as many as you like. They will be addressed to the students and teachers and delivered to classrooms by February 14th. Orders and payments must be returned to school no later than Thursday, February 13th.

Box Tops!

Collection Period Runs Until February 20!

Please collect Box Tops by scanning receipts and/or returning in-date Box Tops to school. The class who collects the most in each grade level will be rewarded!

Valentine's Day Parties and Deliveries

A Fun Time to Celebrate Friendships!

Please follow the link for Valentine's Day party information.


From the Student Handbook: Please do not have items delivered from florists or other agencies to the school. We cannot accept these deliveries.

R-MIS Academic Team

Proud of our Students and Faculty!

This Saturday, February 8th, our students will compete in Districts at Crabbe Elementary. We wish them success, however, we are already very proud of their accomplishments so far this year! R-MIS will host the regional academic team competition on Saturday, February 29th. This is a huge undertaking! We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our academic team coaches who coordinate the team and dedicate themselves to their students' success. Thank you to these individuals!

Julie Goodman- Head Coach

Kaitlyn Patterson- Head Coach

Susan Williams- Future Problem Solving Coach

Leigh Ann Arbogast- Language Arts Coach

Katie Bechtel- Math Coach

Shane Jordan- Science Coach

Kyla Roark- Social Studies Coach

Emily Smith- Writing Composition Coach

Chelsea Turner- Arts and Humanities Coach

Service Learning in February

Help AARF!

5th-grade students in partnership with Beta Club are collecting items to help cats and dogs in need of homes. Items such as pet food, blankets, towels, leashes, etc. can be donated and put in boxes located near the office.

Morning Drop Offs

Please Follow Procedures

We all know long lines can be very frustrating, especially in the morning. However, we cannot sacrifice our students' safety. Please do not drop students off on the road, back parking lot, or in the front parking lot. Please stay in the drop off line and wait until the student can safely exit and enter the building.

Early duty staff report at 7:30 AM. No student is permitted to be dropped off prior to 7:30 AM. This is for student safety!

Core Essentials and Monthly Precept


Creativity is using your imagination to do something unique. Why focus on creativity? A child who can think creatively can more easily problem solve and it is a skill that will serve them into adulthood. When you imagine your child being creative, you might envision them paining a picture, putting on a play, or making up a funny story. These certainly take creativity, however, there are other ways to include creative thinking in a child's day-to-day moments. Here are a few ideas:

  • When your child asks for help solving a problem—whether it's something concrete like a tough homework assignment or more general like how to be a good friend—don't immediately gratify by answering. Instead, ask your child what he or she thinks, and applaud all ideas, especially ones that are unexpected and outside the box.
  • Try tackling easy home repairs (painting a room, fixing a leaky faucet) with your child using online tutorials. This is a great way to model creative problem-solving skills and—should the project not go as expected and you need to call in a professional—that it's okay to ask for help when you don't have all the answers.
  • For an easy way to experience routine activities differently: Turn on music in the morning when your child is eating breakfast and getting ready for school or at night when you're eating together. Ask him or her for specific song requests.
  • Extracurricular activities are great, but try to leave room in your child's schedule for unstructured activities. Some downtime in the day is essential for creativity.

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm Possible.” Audrey Hepburn

How do we teach our children to not give up when things get hard? Check out "How to Raise Resilient Kids (Based on Science)" by Ashley Cullins on biglifejournal.com


She says you can teach your children to be resilient and "have grit." She expands on these 5 tips:

  1. Be a Supportive Role Model
  2. Let Them Make Mistakes
  3. Praise the Right Way
  4. Teach to Manage Emotions
  5. Teach to Problem Solve

To Our Families: Thank You for all of your supportl! R-MIS C.A.R.E.S. About You!