LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of January 30, 2017

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This AWESOME Group of Students Brought Home a 3rd Consecutive District UIL Victory!

Yesterday, Lago Vista Middle School hosted the district UIL Academics Meet. After an amazing pep rally led by Mrs. Phillips and the LVMS Viking Cheerleaders, our students spent a grueling day competing in numerous events. The standings for these events are listed below...we know you are anxious to see them!

After the results were tallied, we learned at 10:00pm last night that Lago Vista Middle School is the District UIL Academics Champion for the 3rd year in a row!

Thank you to our amazing students for working so hard and for making us proud! Also, thank you so much to our amazing UIL coaches and to the many staff members who helped make this event a success. And, finally, thank you to Mrs. Gearing for organizing this event...she worked her heart out this week to get us ready and we are incredibly grateful.

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, February 2nd

Basketball vs. Comfort (Girls Home / Boys Away)

Saturday, February 4th

District Basketball Tournament

Friday, February 10th

School Dance

Monday, February 20th

President's Day, Student Holiday

Friday, February 24th

Track and Field Meet at Blanco HS

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Attendance this week...

Our goal is 98%, and we were at 94.86% attendance this week.

Attendance matters because-

  • Students can't learn: If a student is not present at school, they are missing opportunities to learn, to socialize, to gain confidence and to be inspired.
  • Teachers can't teach: It is much more difficult for teachers to teach effectively when they are "catching up" students who have missed.
  • Poor attendance leads to drop-outs: The consequences of poor attendance are huge, those students with the highest absentee rates were ten times as likely to drop out of school.
  • Lost revenue: The state funds schools based on daily attendance - so every day missed costs schools money. This means missing out on teachers, sports programs and electives due to lack of funding.

When students miss school, they miss important learning, so we appreciate efforts to minimize student absences!

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Lago Vista Middle School Principal Candidate Profile Survey

Lago Vista ISD is seeking input to assist in setting the skills and qualifications to be used in selecting the new principal for Lago Vista Middle School. Your input will be a critical part of the District's process.

The survey below consists of 33 questions and should take 10-15 minutes to complete. All input is anonymous and confidential and is for the sole use of the District. Input will be accepted until February 24, 2017.


We appreciate you for taking the time to provide us with feedback!

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Get Your Viking Gear Here!

Want to show your Viking Spirit? Loving our new logos? Sounds like you need to check out our official store! Click here to buy your favorite Viking some snazzy threads and gear!
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G/T students traveled to the Science Mill in Johnson City last week and had a blast!

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North Shore 4-H Club: New Member Orientation & Member Drive

Please come out and learn what 4H has to offer the youth of our community.

Open to all kids in the Northwest Travis County region from Jonestown to the Burnet County line.

Who: Youth ages 8 to 18

When: Sunday, January 29, 2017

Time: Anytime between 2:00 and 5:00pm

Where: 18204 Sylvester Ford Road

Contact: Ed Tidwell

Phone: 804-832-3759


Follow us on Facebook: Northshore 4H
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LVMS Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedure Review

As we begin the second semester, we would like to take a moment to review arrival and dismissal procedures, particularly as they relate to car riders. Student safety is our top priority and your observance of these procedures is greatly appreciatedI


As a reminder, supervision is not provided for middle school students who arrive to school before 7:30am. Car riders are dropped off directly in front of Viking Hall. Parents must use the entrance on Bar-K and follow the loop around. This is to ensure that cars are not forced to line up on 1431.

  • Please make sure your students are ready to quickly exit your vehicle so that the line moves quickly.
  • Also, we ask that you pull forward in the line (even if it is past the doors to Viking Hall). This will help keep our drop-off line running efficiently so that you'll be on your way in no time!


Car riders will wait to be picked up directly in front of Viking Hall.

Parents who are parked for pick-up in the baseball field parking lots on Bar-K must be waiting for immediate pickup at dismissal.

  • To ensure their safety, students must proceed directly to this area using the doors that exit to the faculty parking lot behind the gymnasium and may not walk through the car pickup lane.
  • Students may cross at the crosswalk only when given clearance by the crossing guard.
  • Students may not wait in the area by the crosswalk to be picked up. They will be escorted to the pickup line.
  • Students waiting for pickup must remain in the supervised pick-up line at Viking Hall.

At 4:15pm, any student who is still waiting to be picked up will be escorted to the front office for pick-up. This is to ensure our students’ safety and supervision while they are in our care. Finally, for their safety and the safety of others, young children are asked to wait in cars with their parents.

Thank you for helping our Vikings remain Respectful, Responsible, and SAFE!

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Success is a Journey, Not a Destination!

Success does not happen over night. We will all face challenges this year...and we will face great moments, too. However, when it gets tough, it's important to remember that success is like an iceberg. We only see the top of the iceberg in other people's lives. But I'm here to tell you, people who find success also faced persistence, failure, sacrifice, and disappointment.

Success is rarely found without a lot of tremendous hard work and sacrifice. Real success comes from practice, hard work, good habits, and dedication. Keep in mind success is a journey, not a destination!

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The Lady Vikings faced off against Florence this Thursday.

The 8th grade B team played a great game against the Lady Buffaloes. The Lady Vikings took the lead in the first half with 4 points early on. Florence came back though to tie the game at the end of the half. With great pressure on defense and hustle, the Lady Vikings scored another 8 points and won 12-9 in the second half. Kylee Raggio and Bree Greenless both scored 4 points. Dakota Hutchins and Ryleigh Oliver had 2 points.

The 8th grade A team came out guns blazing and continued to put the pressure on Florence the entire game. The Lady Vikings shut out Florence in the first quarter with a score of 13-0. In the second quarter, we gave up only 3 points and score 8 more, putting the score at 21-3. At the end of the game, the score was 27-6. The Lady Vikings and the Lady Buffaloes showed great sportsmanship throughout the whole game. Jade Press scored 10 points. Madysen Shepard and Emily Peiklik both scored 4 points. Grace Rohne had 3 points. Heather Power, Esther Long, and Josey Kannmacher contributed 2 points.

The 7th grade Bleacher Report will be included in next week's newsletter.

Way to go Lady Vikings! We have our last game next week at home against Comfort starting at 5pm.

The boys were off this week. They travel to Comfort February 2nd.

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School Dance on February 10th!

LVMS will host a dance for grades 6-8 on Friday, February 10th from 6:30 - 9:00pm. A concession stand will sell pizza, candy and beverages.

Students have been begging to decorate for this dance so... Mrs. Spexarth will spearhead a decoration committee. Any student wanting to participate is welcome, more details to come!

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Mrs. Reighley’s Viking Valor Students Show Their Appreciation

What a great week! Mrs. Reighley’s Viking Valor class is working on an appreciation unit as a part of our character education program. Students wrote messages on the sidewalk to show the teachers and staff just how much they appreciate them. Students also participated in a "Savoring Stroll" to the outdoor classroom where they wrote a reflection on everything they appreciate in nature. And we appreciate Mrs. Reighley for helping us build strong character in our students!
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Awesome Writing in Mrs. Morrow's Classes!

7th Grade ELA

Mrs. Morrow's 7th Grade ELA classes worked on OREO (Opinion, Reasons, Evidence, Opinion) writing to create persuasive/expository essays. The first activity was "The Trial of SpongeBob: Who Killed Mr. Krabs?" Students worked with teams of "lawyers" to use clues as evidence for guilty or innocent verdicts. Students then presented counter arguments, and Mrs. Morrow delivered the guilty or innocent verdict to the teams with the best use of text evidence/"clues."

More amazing writing.. AND they got to eat Oreos!

7th Grade Pre-AP ELA

Mrs. Morrow's 7th Grade Pre-AP ELA class worked on persuasive essays this week, and their topic was "Too Flip or Not to Flip" (whether or not water bottle flipping should be allowed in class). They conducted research to support their position using questionnaires, surveys, and the internet. Upon completion of the essays, students completed water bottle flipping challenges and converted their results into math problems using ratios, fraction to decimal conversion, probability, etc.

High level writing with a fun reward! Great job, Mrs. Morrow!

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District UIL Event Results and Standings!

You thought we forgot, didn't you! :)

We are super proud of the kiddos below and of their amazing coaches. Congratulations! (Note: These results were typed from handwritten score tallies, so I apologize in advance for any errors in spelling.)

6th Grade Art

2nd Place - Fischer Coffey

3rd Place - Brayden Taylor

4th Place - Jeremiah Billings

6th Place - Rylee Bing

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

6th Grade Calculator Applications

1st Place - Nathan Arrieta

3rd Place - Julia Ball

6th Grade Chess Puzzle

1st Place - Jake McKinney (Tie)

5th Place - Nathan Arrieta

6th Place - Jillian Jungman

Lago Vista Team Places 2nd!

6th Grade Dictionary Skills

4th Place - Julia Ball

6th Grade Editorial Writing

1st Place - Peyton Stoner

2nd Place - Sadie Stark

3rd Place - Sarah Baird

6th Grade Impromptu Speaking

1st Place - Konnor Karg

2nd Place - Adeline Barron

3rd Place - Eli Simons

6th Grade Listening

3rd Place - Eli Simons

4th Place - Kathryn McHenry

6th Grade Maps, Graphs, and Charts

3rd Place - Fischer Coffey

6th Place - Bella Alves

Lago Vista Team Places 2nd!

6th Grade Mathematics

3rd Place - Berend Kahlden

5th Place - Julia Ball

6th Place - Konner Karg

Lago Vista Team Places 2nd!

6th Grade Modern Oratory

1st Place - Eli Simons

2nd Place - Adelyn Barron

3rd Place - Pauline D’Ogny

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

6th Grade Music Memory

1st Place - Peyton Stoner

2nd Place - Saydie Kassell

4th Place - Vaughn York

5th Place - Fischer Coffey

6th Place - Shelby Yeary

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

6th Grade Number Sense

4th Place - Morgan Burke

5th Place - Sadie Kassell

6th Place - Konnor Karg

Lago Vista Team Places 2nd!

6th Grade Oral Reading

4th Place - Liam Panter

5th Place - Whitney Vaughan

6th Grade Ready Writing

6th Place - Bella Dreibrodt

6th Grade Social Studies

1st Place - Sadie Kassel

2nd Place - Sage Rosker

3rd Place - Peyton Stoner

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

6th Grade Spelling

3rd Place - Lauren Shirley

5th Place - Ivan McCormick

Lago Vista Team Places 2nd!

7th Grade Art

1st Place - Monica Lopez

3rd Place - Bella Zaleski (Tie)

3rd Place - Lola Spedale (Tie)

5th Place - Nina King

6th Place - Lance Shook

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

7th Grade Calculator Applications

1st Place - Ryder Phillips

3rd Place - Dalton Ditto

5th Place - Diego D’Lorm

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

7th Grade Chess Puzzle

2nd Place - Bryan Mohler

3rd Place - Diego D’Lorm

4th Place - Hayden Pham

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

7th Grade Dictionary Skills

6th Place - Michael Thailing

Lago Vista Team Places 3rd!

7th Grade Editorial Writing

1st Place - Jaycee Greenlees

2nd Place - Cadence Sansom

3rd Place - Makenna Walker

7th Grade Impromptu Speaking

2nd Place - Cheyenne LeBlanc

4th Place - Peyton Way

6th Place - Katerina Leza

7th Grade Listening

1st Place - Evan Coley

3rd Place - Matthew Cannon

5th Place - Gina Chiappone

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

7th Grade Maps, Graphs, and Charts

5th Place - Thomas Nowlin

7th Grade Mathematics

2nd Place - Ryder Phillips

3rd Place - Christian Beall

5th Place - Jeremy Hill

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

7th Grade Modern Oratory

2nd Place - Diego D’Lorm

3rd Place - Tripp Sizemore

4th Place - Peyton Way

7th Grade Number Sense

1st Place - Ryder Phillips

5th Place - Michael Thailing

6th Place - Mikey D’Ambrose

Lago Vista Team Places 2nd!

7th Grade Oral Reading

2nd Place - Gina Chiappone

3rd Place - Lorelee Felix

6th Place - Klarisa Polikaitis

7th Grade Reading Writing

4th Place - Dalton Ditto

6th Place - Macey Ornelas

7th Grade Science

5th Place - Evan Coley

Lago Vista Team Places 3rd!

7th Grade Social Studies

3rd Place - Lance Shook

4th Place - Kate Burke

6th Place - Sarah Long

Lago Vista Team Places 2nd!

7th Grade Spelling

4th Place - Ryder Phillips

6th Place - Diego D’Lorm

Lago Vista Team Places 3rd!

8th Grade Art

1st Place - Emily Pieklik

2nd Place - Ady Womack

5th Place - Grace Coldicott

6th Place - Willow Ruiz

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Calculator Applications

2nd Place - Garrett Phariss

3rd Place - Ryan Davis

6th Place - Jacob Hanson

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Chess Puzzle

1st Place - Trevor Alwell

3rd Place - Jacob Rogers

4th Place - Grace Coldicott

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Dictionary Skills

3rd Place - Aiden Panter

6th Place - Leah Joslin

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Editorial Writing

1st Place - Schuyler Burke

3rd Place - Skylar Stefka

4th Place - Cassandra McKinney (Tie)

8th Grade Impromptu Speaking

1st Place - Reece Whitelaw

3rd Place - Hailee Clifton

5th Place - Rileigh Oliver

8th Grade Listening

1st Place - Skyla Huckabee

2nd Place - Aiden Panter

4th Place - Noah Yetley

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Maps, Graphs, and Charts

4th Place - Austin Coley

5th Place - Hannah Wright

6th Place - Matthew Crenshaw

Lago Vista Team Places 2nd!

8th Grade Mathematics

1st Place - Ady Womack

2nd Place - Grace Coldicott

4th Place - Leah Coldicott

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Modern Oratory

1st Place - Kayla Beckwith

3rd Place - Hailee Clifton

4th Place - Alberto Velasquez

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Number Sense

1st Place - Kaitlyn Coldicott

2nd Place - Lucas Lawless

3rd Place - Leah Coldicott (Tie)

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Oral Reading

1st Place - Esther Long

3rd Place - Leah Coldicott

4th Place - Cassie McKinney

8th Grade Ready Writing

2nd Place - Cassie McKinney

4th Place - Hailey Clifton

8th Grade Science

1st Place - Heather Power

2nd Place - Reece Whitelaw

6th Place - Emily Pieklik

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Social Studies

2nd Place - Lucas Lawless

3rd Place - Kaitlyn Coldicott

4th Place - Emily Pieklik

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

8th Grade Spelling

1st Place - Kaitlyn Coldicott

2nd Place - Kayla Beckwith

3rd Place - Jacob Rogers

Lago Vista Team Places 1st!

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Make Sure You Know About StayALERT (...and Talk About it With Your Kiddos!)

Lago Vista ISD uses StayALERT to help keep our schools safe. StayALERT is a bilingual, confidential website, e-mail, phone and texting avenue for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to be able to confidentially report unsafe behaviors, suspicious activities, bullying, acts of violence, harassment, and a host of other potential disruptors to school safety.

Users may anonymously report concerns 24-7-365 via the StayALERT website, an e-mail, a phone call to a recorded and monitored line, or via a text message from a cell phone. Photos and video clips pertaining to the StayALERT report may be included. No special app required! Reportable information will be forwarded in a timely manner to a pre-designated school official for review.

To make a report, use one of the methods below:


Call or Text: (206) 406-6485


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Stay Connected With These Parent Resources

Parent Connection

Parents are valued partners and we believe that successful learning is best achieved through collaborative partnerships with parents and families. Our Parent Connection page is a one stop shop of resources for parents in LVISD. Click here to check it out!

Stay Connected with ParentLink by Blackboard

Lago Vista ISD uses the ParentLink communication system from Blackboard to assist in alerting parents, families, and employees of important information, such as school closures. ParentLink communicates via telephone, SMS text message, email and push notifications from the ParentLink app. Be sure to add a filter to your inbox so that emails containing the word “Blackboard” are not delivered to Spam. Download the FREE ParentLink app from the iTunes app store or on Google Play.

LVISD Publications and Forms

The District has a one-stop shop for all District publications and forms, including course catalogs, student handbooks, grading guidelines, and special programs information...and we are continuing to build this resource as documents and handbooks become available. Our "Publications and Forms" page is located under the "Parents and Students" tab, as well as on the "Quicklinks" menu on the right side of our homepage. Here is a link to the Publications and Forms page.

Lago Vista Middle School

Mission Statement: Lago Vista Middle School will provide a positive and supportive environment, which builds self-confidence, develops responsibility, and assists each student in becoming a successful life-long learner.