By: Jimmy Mullis

What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water that is held underground within the soil, in rock crevices and in pores. Groundwater starts off as rain and then seeps into the ground, which leads to the water moving into rivers, lakes, and streams.

Porosity vs. Permeability

Permeability is the waters ability to infiltrate into the ground which ultimately decides how much groundwater will be created through the flow of the water. Porosity is the amount of space available for the water to flow through.Things like rock crevece or grains of sand.
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Types of Aquifers

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Pollution in the United States of America

Pollution in the U.S. can be caused by many things. Everyday people are driving which causes pollution. People litter, there is trash in our oceans,sewers, even on the side of streets, and nobody seems to care for the environment anymore. Do you know why? Do you know how to fix it? Well I'm gonna tell you. Our country has gotten so lazy in the past few generations due to technological advances and overpriced foods. Nobody takes the time to excercise because there is always "something better to do". Fast food is ten times cheaper than healthy foods but is ten times worse for you. If people want to keep complaining about how we treat the environment then they need to make a change instead of letting it continuously happen. We have become lazy and nobody is gonna change with people making a change.