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News in Room 202!

April 1, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Today was a fantastic day back! Students showed lots of hard work, dedication, and excitement. Highlights of the upcoming week include: optional spring pictures and a visit from West H.S. students.

In Health, we have been discussing safety of all kinds and will begin to speak about drugs and alcohol mid-week. I will have students take home their health log so that you can see the types of material we will cover. On Thursday, West High School students will visit us through Project for Teens. They will speak to us specifically about peer pressure and resisting involvement with drugs and alcohol. These are students who are trained to present information through an adviser. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Be on the lookout for the April Grizzly Gazette (school-wide version) being sent home with your child Tuesday.

I enjoyed meeting with you at conference time! Please contact me any time this spring!

Mrs. Sheldrup

April's Events and Notes

1 Wheelchair Unit Begins in PE
2 PTO meeting 5:30, Media Center
4 Project for Teens visit
Spring Pictures, send the form and money only if you wish to get pictures taken
9 2-hour late start, PLC Meeting
Wheel Chair Unit ends
19 School-wide celebration assembly
24 MCA Reading Part 1
25 MCA Reading Part 2
27 Regional Science Fair at MSU,M

Reading News!

Did you know that 95% of students met their March reading goal? Thank you for supporting your child's reading habits. As we move into April and the weather gets nicer, scheduling time for reading can be more challenging. Please help your child maintain consistency with his/her reading goal.

Our class earned the March Reading Trophy!!! The students really poured their all into the Unit 4 test.

The information presented below is continued this week. We had to switch to a different week that presented less material during the last week in March because the week was shortened with NWEA tests and spring break.

This Week's Reading Focus: Fables

We will compare and contrast various Fables and focus on the literary devices they often use:
*A moral is a lesson taught by a fable or story. It is usually stated
outright at the end of the fable.
*Personification is a literary device where animals or things have
human characteristics.

Unit 5, Week 2 Vocabulary Questions for Home Discussion

• To participate means to
take part.
What activities or groups are you interested in participating in while attending Dakota Meadows?

• Ordeals are severe
trials or experiences.
What events do you classify as an ordeal?

• If something is
nourishing, it supports
health and growth.
Describe a balanced, nourishing meal you would like to eat. With parent permission, plan and prepare a nourishing meal for your family.

• An encounter is a
meeting between enemies,
friends, or colleagues.
Describe an encounter between friends and enemies. Compare and contrast the two situations.

• If someone grimaced,
he or she made a face
in disgust.
When might you grimace?

• If something is anticipated,
it is expected.
What do you anticipate most about.... (spring break, summer, Dakota Meadows)?

• If something is done
dejectedly, it is done with
sadness or depression.
Why might someone act dejectedly?

• Someone who is
victorious has won.
How should someone act when they are victorious?

This Month's Focus: EXCELLENCE

At Garfield, we emphasize P.R.I.D.E. in student behavior and choices. The acronym means:
P- Preparedness
R- Respect
I- Integrity
D- Determination
E- Excellence

To tie our upcoming drug/alcohol unit in health with our focus on Excellence, ask your child to reflect on how resisting negative peer pressure can help someone achieve his/her best. What are your child's short/long-term aspirations? How could drug and alcohol involvement deter their dreams and plans?

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Please contact me any time! I look forward to working with you and your child!