The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul.Kabul 's population is 3,289,000.


Climate:The climate in the Afganistani summers can get up to 49 - 51 degrees celsius.

In the winters it is bitterly cold getting up to -9 degrees celsius.In mountains Afghanistan has dry/cold winters except the lowlands wich have arid and semirad



The population of Afghanistan is 29.82 million.The main religion of afghanistan is Islam.

The custom beliefs of Afghanistan are on celebration wearing the dress for ladies and men wearing the (Juba) men clothes.Normally men would have an old pair of (juba) which

they would where to work in the paddocks.The women would stay at home doing house work.The main languages of Afghanistan is Pashto and Dari.

History highlights

Afghanistan has been suffering war more than 35 years.Australian army forces have been going to help save the people and the residents of afghanistan.Other countries have been helping save war.

Living conditions

The living conditions in afghanistan are not so bad.You could live in afghanistan because there are millions of places still vacant from war.


The economy of afghanistan has improved magnificently since 2002 due to infusion of billions of dollars in iternational assistance.


Because of people living on streets,diseases spread very easily.Health in afghanistan is not so good unless living in the high populated cities.


Education in afghanistan is not so good because not many people can afford going to highly educated schools.Most children go to low educated schools.

Natrural resources

There are mines also in afghanistan and they are controlled by the ministry of mines and petroleum.Oil has also been discovered in the anfghanistans north

environmental issues

The environmental issues in afghanistan are dirty and filthy streets.Small bumpy roads.

Too much crowd on streets and etc.There are just some.There are still many more.