Paul Revere

Connor Smith

Important facts

Paul Revere rode everywhere on his midnight ride warning people the british are coming.

Paul Revere was a patriot not a loyalist.

Paul Revere met john hancok and became part of the revolutionary war.

Family life

Paul Revere had 11 brothers. His dads name was apllos revere his mom was debroh hitchborn. Some of his siblings names were Thomas, Elizibeth, Mary, josheph and many more. He was married twice and had 16 children in all.

Famous for

He was famous for his midnight ride. He also told someone to light the lantern. While he was on his ride he got two people with him there names were John Hancok and samuel adams. They were captured but the other two excaped leaving Paul Revere behind.

Role in the revolution

He did the midnight ride whitch was a event in it. He was a soilder and fought. He was the 1 out of 2 people who got picked to be a rider wich was really rare. If it weren't for him nobody would of light the lantern wich 2 were light 1 by land 2 by sea.

Life after the revolution

He kept working as a silver smith untill he retired at the age of 76. Paul Revere was born Desember 21, 1734. Paul Revere died May 10, 1818. Paul Revere was a grat man.