Leave the Past Behind You

By Bri Baang

Trust Me, I'm Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer

A mystery novel with

betrayal, love, and the shadier sides of town...

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"You can't do anything about what's already happened. Adapt." -Tyler

In the book, Trust Me, I'm Lying, the main character, Julep Dupree, is faced with many challenges. These challenges include finding an abducted father, getting her best friend back from the FBI, and rescuing a group of Ukrainian immigrants who are about to be sold illegally, all while sorting through a complex love triangle.

When Julep was trying to solve all the conflicts in her life, she kept thinking about all of the problems negatively and was so stressed. She couldn't get anything done because she was so overwhelmed with her situation. Once her friend, Tyler, told her, "You can't do anything about what's already happened. Adapt," she realized that nothing would get done by fretting over the past and dwelling on it. Julep realized that she can learn from the past but can’t change it. Now, she must forge her own future and plan her next course of action. By believing in this message and making this a part of your regular life, you will constantly be reminded to take control of your own future. While dwelling in the past is unproductive, learning from your past is quite helpful for you when you are deciding your next course of action and thinking about how you can improve as a person. Learn from the past to forge a better future!