How To Improve Your Memory

Michael Cummings-What's the title again?

Helpful Hints

  • Remove any distracting things, such as electronics, pets, and sounds from your study area.
  • Study notes in regular sessions before the test/quiz day.
  • Organize study material in a sensible way that you like.
  • Try to connect words or concepts to things in your life that make sense.
  • Chunking similar information together while studying helps with memorization.

Tantalizing Tips

  • Repetition of notes and terms aids in committing information to short-term memory.
  • Review your study materials multiple times to help commit it to memory.
  • Visualize concepts in a picture to help in recalling the information easier.
  • TEACH THE MATERIAL TO SOMEONE ELSE! This is one of the best ways to remember something, and you can learn more about the material by teaching someone else.
  • GET LOTS OF SLEEP IN THE WEEK PRIOR TO THE TEST! It has been proven that sleep helps greatly in committing learned things to long-term memory.

Wrap Up

You can use these helpful hints and tantalizing tips to help you study and remember things better. These tips will make remembering notes easier, and recalling facts during a test easier.