Crisis in Chile

by Jocelyn Antunez


Augusto Pinochet took over Chile on September 11, 1973 after Salvador Allende committed suicide. Pinochet was a dictator who took control simply to make Chile a better country. According to Christopher Dwyer he states, "Fraudulent or not, the 1980 constitution allowed Pinochet to remain president through 1997." He might of helped in some ways but might of caused chaos in a way. The people who were affected by Pinochet were the citizens of Chile. Allende wanted to take over the American copper mines they owned which angered the U.S. The U.S. stopped giving loans to chile so they couldn't envest their country. But the Americans did try helping out the anti-Allende groups. The United states were trying to prevent Allende from taking power. In a section of a book it states," the American company gave $1 million to the Anti-Allende organizations." Pinotchet took power to try to improve Chile. He wanted to improve the statability of the Chilean political system.

Did Pinotchet make things better or worse?

In my opinion I believe Pinochet made things worse. In the book "Places and Peoples of the World Chile" It talks about some deaths that happened while he was in control. Christopher Dwyer states, " Assassinations, executions, disappearances, exile, and torture remained common in Chile." This shows that Pinochet didn't really help the country in that many ways. In the book it even talks about how the Pinochet government tried to hide these cases so people wouldn't realize what was actually happening. Most of the deaths were caused due to the riots against the police. Also when Pinochet had power over Chile the number of employed citizens increased.


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