Tugboat at Daybreak

By: Lillian Morrison


The theme of this poem is that beauty comes in all forms. When I think of a tugboat, I picture a tough, rugged, and strong boat, but in this poem Morrison describes it as a beautiful thing. She says it is a "jewel" that wears a "tiara", these descriptions signify beauty.


  • "The necklace of the bridge " This is comparing the lighting around the bridge to a necklace. This helps create the authors tone of serenity and admiration.
  • "a jewel of the dawn" This quote compares the tugboat to a jewel, also adding to the tone.

Extended Metaphor

  • "The river seems to slumber

    quiet in its bed," This quote is comparing the river flowing to a gentle sleep. this creates a mood of peacefulness.


  • "but a tug in a tiara" This is describing the beauty of the tug. The tug is not really wearing a tiara it is just beautiful.

Other Imagery

In this poem Morrison uses words like apparition and festooned to help the reader visualize the tugboat. This also develops the tone and mood.


  • "seems to slumber" This quote creates a peaceful mood because of the slow "s" sound.
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I chose this colors because they are soft and calm. They reflect the serenity of the poem. None of the colors stand out too much, which is important because the poem takes place during dawn.

Speakers Attitude

The speaker admires the tugboat's beauty. This is shown when the tugboat is described with a tiara. If the speaker did not appreciate the tugboat it would have been described with negatives connotations.