CAPS Facility Naming contest

New Valley View Sports Park

Contest details.

We are very excited to announce the future opening of a brand new Indoor field house in Valley View in October 2017. The sports facility will be approximately 80,000 square feet with playing turf field space 100 yds x 75 yds. The park will be focused on soccer, however, most other sports and even special events will take place at the facility.

While we have a corporate name, and we are marketing the naming rights to the facility, we would like to select the description for the CAPS letters that will be what the building is called. We are holding a NAME THE FACILITY CONTEST.

For example:

C.A.P.S. = Cleveland Area Premier Sportspark

C.A.P.S. = Community Active Persons Society

If the Name you submit is selected by the selection committee, a plaque will be placed in the lobby of the fieldhouse in your honor.


To participate in the naming contest, please click the link below. Contest deadline is July 15th. Winner will be announced not later than July 30th.