Seattle Creation Myths

And Origin Stories: A Call for Submissions

Oh Sh*t!

Does the untold story of how the Fremont Troll got its silver eye keep you up at night? Do you find yourself wondering why such a handsome golden pig made Pikes Place Market its home? Or do you just want to immortalize your feelings about Ballard drivers? This is your chance to deify your favorite bits and pieces about the Emerald City.

It doesn't matter that there are "real" answers behind some of these questions. In fact, blatantly refusing our current state of reality is the name of the game. Stretch, crack your knuckles, wiggle your fingers gingerly over your crumb-dusted keyboard and type us the best origin stories you can muster with all the fantasy, sci-fi, fairy-tale, and surreal elements your gray and rained-over heart could want.
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The Project:

We want to create an anthology of Seattle creation myths, origin stories, folk tales and other yarns that explain how our landmarks, place-names, culture, bad habits, and all other facets of the city came to be. We are obsessed with stories that enhance reality, and we can't think of a better way to build up our city than to write alternate, fictitious histories.

Then we'll mash the best stories and poetry together into an e-book and possibly print it, too. The variety of media is still up in the air, but an e-book is pretty solid on our list.

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  1. Should be written in the body of an email to (No attachments, please)
  2. Stories: should be no more than 10,000 words, unless it's a masterpiece. Shorter pieces are also encouraged.
  3. Poetry: Maximum line-count is 100, not counting stanza breaks. Again, longer if it absolutely needs it, but this is a good benchmark.
  4. If your poetry heavily depends on alternative formatting, e.g: Concrete poetry, it's probably not for us.
  5. An agreement form on the terms of publication will be sent along with a notice of acceptance should your story or poem be chosen (Please be patient!)

Notes on style:
While we don't want to be annoying and give a bulleted list of literary virtues, we do hope to make this a decisively "fun" collection. That doesn't mean it's all about happy-endings, winks and curtsies; there are plenty of fun-sad stories in the universe. Think more in terms of your Vonneguts, Gogols, Mansfields, Saunders', J.M. Barries, Anne Sextons, Billy Collins', or even Bukowskis instead of your James Joyces, John Miltons, William Blakes and Ezra Pounds. Just don't get too bloated and you should be fine.

Details and funding under way.
Depending on the traction we get, we may start a Kickstarter campaign to pay the writers better and fund printing. It helps you to help us by following us on Twitter (@SeattleMyths), posting our link on facebook, and telling your friends about it.


April 1st.

But don't give yourself until then to write, you might forget (we're all guilty of that). So maybe try in a week or two from the time you read this--whatever gets you writing.


Here are a few suggestions of topics to inspire you. If you have a good idea for a different topic, go for it:

The Seattle Great Wheel; EMP building; Space Needle; Pike Place Market; The tradition of throwing fish at the market; Seattle Freeze; Monickers such as Jet City, Emerald City, etc.;
Ballard Fish Ladder; Fremont Troll (and/or his silver eye, and why he's gripping a VW bug); Fremont Lenin Statue; Neighborhood names like First Hill, Ballard, Belltown, Pioneer Square, Northgate, Georgetown, etc.; Greenlake; Lake Union; Seattle Sculpture Garden, Rachel the Pig, The Gum Wall.

Got an idea? Don't wait, get on it!