First Grade News

Mrs. Mowbray's Class

Friday Homework

Happy Thursday! I hope those that are going on the Virginia Creeper have an amazing time. We have done the ride several times and love it! What a wonderful weekend to be in Virginia. Is it ever going to cool down and feel like fall? We had a snapping turtle visit the school on the outside patio area this week. He must have known nature loving kids wanted to meet him! Very exciting...

*Math-Complete Lesson 18B and and fact sheet (+2). Please encourage your child to memorize/practice the facts and not use their fingers. We have been learning strategies to find the answers without fingers.

*Phonics-Complete Lesson 19 (backside) and read the story Frog and Figs and look for words with blends and sight words. Please practice spelling words and sentences on the back. Our assessment is next week. Reading aloud the paper books that are sent home is so important because it reinforces the sounds we have been working on and increases fluidity.

*OCEAN activities-pick a few activities to complete and color in the section once completed. the children receive a sea creature once five spaces have been completed.

*Ask your chid about Billy and Blaze books we have read this week. BTW..the books are older than Mrs. Mowbray!

*In science, the children gave their whale reports and practiced public speaking.Excellent job! We classified the whales into toothed and baleen whales. I demonstrated baleen with a comb (baleen), water and basil (krill)....ask your child about our experiment. We watched a few whale videos and listened to a whale's song, so fascinating!!

*In history, we continued the intriguing story of the real Pocahontas. We practiced indian dances and told a story with actions and no words. We also made bear claw and wooden bead necklaces in preparation for our pow wow in October. (more to come on that)

*In Bible, we continued our story of Moses and the plagues God inflicted on the Egyptians. We have been drawing the plagues in our Bible journals.

*In nature study with Mrs. MacDonald, the children went outside to collect leaves for an upcoming project and visited Mr. McGregor's garden.