North vs. South

Connor C.

The North

The geography in the North had cold and snowy winters. They had very warm summers. They had some flat plains but they also have a lot of bluffs.

The transportation in the north was mostly rail roads ,but they did have smooth gravel roads. They also built canals. The state of New York hired workers to build a 363 mile long canal.

The Society in the North was a lot of factory workers and farmers. The people in the North did not like slavery they wanted to end it.

The economy in the North was mostly working in factories and manufacturing.

The South

The Geography in the South was hot they had good growing conditions for crops.

The Transportation in the South they used a lot of ships but they had a few railroads

The Economy in the South they grew a lot of crops such as rice,tobacco,wheat,cotton,and corn.

The Society in the South there were a lot of slaves so they could work in the field. They also had rich people that had a slave plantation.